Kingdom Proclaimers Report

Finding People at Their Workplace

WHAT did the apostles Matthew, Peter, Andrew, James, and John have in common? They were all called by Jesus when they were at their workplace. Peter, Andrew, James, and John were busy with their fishing business when Jesus invited them, saying: “Come after me.” Matthew was at the tax office when invited to become Jesus’ disciple.​—Matthew 4:18-21; 9:9.

Witnessing to people at their place of work can be rewarding. Recognizing this, Jehovah’s Witnesses in Japan recently made a concerted effort to engage in this feature of the ministry. What were the results? Within a few months, thousands of return visits were made, and some 250 Bible studies were started. Consider the following experiences.

A full-time minister in Tokyo met a restaurant manager who had talked with a Witness some 30 years ago as a schoolboy. Although the manager did not understand much of what was said back then, he did become interested in the Bible. Now with his interest rekindled, he readily accepted a Bible study using the book Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life. * In addition, he started a personal program of reading the Bible every evening before going to bed.

A special pioneer minister called at an office. Though the manager was not available, the young woman who answered the manager’s phone asked, “Would you like to speak with me?” After a short conversation over the telephone, the woman came out and said that she was interested in reading the Bible. The special pioneer arranged to return with a Bible and started a Bible study with her, held in a nearby park early in the morning before work.

At another office, a man saw a fellow worker accept the Watchtower and Awake! magazines but quickly throw them away after the Witness left. When the man got home, he told his Witness wife about the incident and commented that he would at least have listened a little. His daughter, who overheard his comments, related the matter to a Witness who works that business territory. The Witness promptly visited the husband at the office and started a Bible study with him. The man soon began to attend the Sunday meetings regularly.

Witnessing to people at the workplace has brought other benefits. Many publishers in Japan have become skilled at making return visits in shopping areas, factories, and offices. In addition, through this means of witnessing, many inactive ones have been contacted and studies started with them. The results have been outstanding. One congregation in central Tokyo recently reported 108 home Bible studies, more than double the number reported a year ago.


^ par. 5 Published by Jehovah’s Witnesses.