What Would You Like to Ask God?

PEOPLE around the earth have serious questions about life. Do you? Many have presented their questions to religious instructors but have not received satisfying answers. Others have pondered these questions privately. Some have prayed for direction. Is it really possible for you to get answers from God about matters that perplex you? Among the questions that many have said they would like to ask God are these.

Who really are you, God?

The way that humans view God is influenced by their culture, by the religion of their parents, and possibly by their own choice. Some people use a name for the Deity; others simply call him God. Does it really matter? Is there just one true God who reveals himself and his name to us?

Why is there so much suffering?

If a person’s reckless or immoral way of life has ruined his health or reduced him to poverty, he may complain. But he may well know why he is suffering.

However, many others suffer grievously through no fault of their own. Some have chronic illnesses. Others struggle against seemingly insurmountable odds to have a roof over their heads and enough food for their families. Millions are victims of crime, war, indiscriminate violence, natural disasters, or injustice at the hands of people in authority.

Understandably, many ask: ‘Why have such conditions become so widespread? Why does God permit all this suffering?’

 Why am I here? What is the purpose of life?

These questions often spring from the frustration felt by a person whose daily activity fails to bring real satisfaction​—and that is true of many people. Millions of others believe that the life course of each person is somehow foreordained by God. Is that so? If God indeed has some special purpose for you, no doubt you will want to know what it is.

Of all the books in the world, there is one that clearly says that it is inspired of God. As you would expect of a message that is truly from God for all mankind, this book is available in far more languages than any other book ever written. It is the Holy Bible. In it, the Creator of heaven and earth, God himself, reveals who he is and what his name is. Do you know that name? Do you know what the Bible says about the kind of Person God is? Do you know what it says about what God requires of you?

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