“Come to Me, . . . and I Will Refresh You”

Young People Who Are Like Refreshing Dewdrops

JESUS CHRIST undoubtedly included his younger followers when he said: “Come to me, . . . and I will refresh you.” (Matthew 11:28) When people began bringing their young ones to him, his disciples tried to stop them. But Jesus said: “Let the young children come to me; do not try to stop them.” Jesus even “took the children into his arms and began blessing them.” (Mark 10:14-16) Jesus unquestionably viewed young ones as precious.

The Bible tells of faithful young men and women, as well as youths and small children, who set sterling examples in serving God. A “company of young men” as refreshing as dewdrops is foretold in the book of Psalms. It also tells of “young men” and “virgins” praising the name of Jehovah.​—Psalm 110:3; 148:12, 13.

A Place for Youths to Thrive

The dewdrop simile is fitting, for dew is linked to abundance and blessing. (Genesis 27:28) Dewdrops are gentle and refreshing. In this time of Christ’s presence, young Christians willingly and eagerly offer themselves in great numbers. Just like refreshing dewdrops, many young men and women cheerfully serve God and assist their fellow worshipers.​—Psalm 71:17.

Christian youths are not refreshing just to others; they themselves find refreshment in their service. God’s organization provides an environment where they can thrive. Maintaining high morals, young men and women enjoy an intimate relationship with God. (Psalm 119:9) Within the congregation, they also engage in wholesome activities and find good friends​—factors that contribute to a satisfying and meaningful life.

‘A Healing and a Refreshment’

Do Christian youths themselves feel like “dewdrops”? Meet Tania, a young woman actively involved in the congregation and happily devoting more than 70 hours a month to the ministry. How does she feel? “I feel refreshed and uplifted,” she says. “Having Jehovah and his earthly organization in my life has been ‘a healing and a refreshment’ to me.”​—Proverbs 3:8.

Ariel, another young full-time minister, appreciates the spiritual nourishment she receives within the congregation. “When I go to Christian meetings, conventions, and assemblies and I am able to feast at Jehovah’s  spiritual table, this really refreshes me spiritually,” she observes. “And it uplifts me to know that all over the world, I have fellow workers.” Describing the ultimate source of refreshment, she says: “It’s so refreshing to have Jehovah as a friend, especially when I hear or see the terrible effects that this system has on people.”​—James 2:23.

At 20 years of age, Abishai serves as a full-time evangelizer and a ministerial servant in the congregation. He describes his experience in these words: “I feel refreshed because I know how to deal with the many problems young ones face today. The truth from the Bible has helped me to keep focused on what I need to do in order to serve Jehovah whole-souled.”

In his early teens, Antoine had a short temper. He once hit a fellow student with a chair, and he used a pencil to stab another one. Antoine was hardly a refreshing person! But instruction from the Bible changed his behavior. Now 19 years old and serving as a ministerial servant and a full-time minister in the congregation, he says: “I thank Jehovah for allowing me to gain knowledge of him and for helping me to see the need to exercise self-control and change my course. In this way, I have avoided many problems.”

Others observe the refreshing attitude of young Christians. Matteo is a young Witness in Italy. His teacher decided that anyone in the class who used a foul word would have to pay a small fine. Some time later, the children asked that the rule be abolished because, they said, “it is impossible not to use bad language.” “But,” explains Matteo, “the teacher said that this was not so, and she used me, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, as an example, praising me before the whole class for my clean language.”

In an unruly classroom in Thailand, the teacher called 11-year-old Racha up before the class and commended him on his behavior, saying: “Why don’t all of you take him as an example? He is diligent in his studies and well behaved.” Then she told the students: “I guess you would have to become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, like Racha, to improve your conduct.”

It is delightful to see thousands of Christian youths get to know Jehovah better and do his will. Such fine young people show wisdom beyond their years. God can help them to make a success of their present life as well as give them a glorious future in the coming new world. (1 Timothy 4:8) In the spiritual wasteland of this present system of things, teeming with dissatisfied and frustrated youths, they provide a refreshing contrast!