Kingdom Proclaimers Report

God Has Wiped Out Her Tears

PEOPLE who bring their lives into harmony with Jehovah’s laws and principles are greatly blessed. Although making the necessary changes is not always easy, help and encouragement are readily available. (Psalm 84:11) The following experience from Southeast Asia illustrates this.

While on vacation a Witness from France spoke to a shop owner named Kim * about Jehovah’s purpose for the earth. She also left with Kim a copy of the book You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth. Browsing through the book, Kim came across the words, “he will wipe out every tear from their eyes.” (Revelation 21:4) “This verse really moved me,” recalls Kim. “Seeing me smile and chat all day long in the shop, who could know that once I got home in the evening, I cried myself to sleep?” Revealing the source of her sorrow, she says: “I had been living with a man for 18 years and was very unhappy because he refused to marry me. I wanted to end this way of life, but having lived with him for so long, I did not have the courage.”

A short time later, Kim accepted a Bible study with one of Jehovah’s Witnesses named Linh. “I was eager to put into practice the Bible’s teaching,” says Kim. “For example, I stopped worshiping my ancestors, even though this led to opposition from my family. Moreover, I attempted to legalize our union, but my companion refused to do so. During this difficult time, the Witness from France continued to send me Bible publications, and Linh was very encouraging to me. The patience and loving support of these sisters helped me to persevere until I could see my companion for what he really was. I discovered that he already had 5 ‘wives’ and 25 children! This gave me the courage to leave him.

“Leaving a large comfortable house for a small apartment was not easy. What is more, my former companion pressured me to come to live with him again, even threatening to disfigure me with acid if I refused. With Jehovah’s help, I was able to do what was right.” Kim continued to make progress and was finally baptized in April 1998. Additionally, two of her sisters and her teenage son began studying the Bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

“I used to think that my life would always be hopeless,” says Kim. “Today, however, I am happy, and I no longer cry at night. Jehovah has already wiped the tears from my eyes.”


^ par. 4 Names have been changed.