Help to Understand the Bible

THE Bible is a unique book. Its writers claim to be inspired by God, and its contents provide ample proof that the claim is true. (2 Timothy 3:16) Among other things, the Bible shows where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. Surely it is a book worthy of our consideration!

Perhaps you have tried to read the Bible but have found it hard to understand. Maybe you do not know where to look to find answers to your questions. If so, you are not alone. Your situation is like that of a man who lived in the first century. He was traveling in a chariot, going from Jerusalem to his native country, Ethiopia. This Ethiopian official was reading aloud from the prophetic Bible book of Isaiah, written more than seven hundred years earlier.

Suddenly, he was addressed by a man running alongside the chariot. The man was Philip, a disciple of Jesus, and he asked the Ethiopian: “Do you actually know what you are reading?” The Ethiopian replied: “Really, how could I ever do so, unless someone guided me?” He then invited Philip into the chariot. Philip explained the meaning of the passage the man had been reading and went on to declare to him “the good news about Jesus.”​—Acts 8:30-35.

 Just as Philip helped that Ethiopian to understand God’s Word long ago, Jehovah’s Witnesses help people to understand the Bible today. They would be happy to help you too. Usually, it is best to study the Bible systematically, beginning with basic Scriptural teachings. (Hebrews 6:1) As you progress, you will be able to take in what the apostle Paul called “solid food”​—that is, deeper truths. (Hebrews 5:14) Although it is the Bible that you are studying, other publications​—Bible study aids—​can help you to locate and understand Bible passages on a variety of subjects.

A study can usually be arranged at a time and place that is convenient for you. Some even study over the telephone. The study is not held in a classroom setting; it is a private arrangement tailored to your personal circumstances, including your background and education. You do not have to pay for such a Bible study. (Matthew 10:8) There are no exams, and you will not be made to feel embarrassed. Your questions will be answered, and you will learn how to draw close to God. Why, though, should you study the Bible? Consider some reasons why a study of the Bible can add joy to your life.