Subject Index for The Watchtower 2000

Indicating date of issue in which article appears


Banner Year for Distribution, 1/15

Gospels​—History or Myth? 5/15

Hidden Code? 4/1

Just a Good Book? 12/1


Are You a “Full-Grown” Christian? 8/15

Are You Discreet? 10/1

Christian Shepherds, ‘Open Wide Your Heart’! 7/1

Comfort in Jehovah’s Strength, 4/15

Cultivate Intimacy With Jehovah (Pr 3), 1/15

Drawing Close to God, 10/15

Good Examples​—Benefiting From, 7/1

How Handle Differences? 8/15

How Measure Success? 11/1

How View Yourself? 1/15

Joyful Weddings That Honor Jehovah, 5/1

‘Keep Commandments, Continue Living’ (Pr 7), 11/15

Making Holy Spirit One’s Personal Helper, 10/15

Modesty Promotes Peace, 3/15

Mother’s Wise Counsel (Pr 31), 2/1

Music That Pleases God, 6/1

Reasonable Expectations, 8/1

Recommending Yourself to Others, 4/15

Remain Chaste in Immoral World (Pr 5), 7/15

Respect for Authority, 8/1

“Safeguard Your Heart” (Pr 4), 5/15

Safeguard Your Name (Pr 6), 9/15

Searching for Jehovah With Prepared Heart, 3/1

Serve God With Willing Spirit, 11/15

View Violent Ones as God Does? 4/15

We Need Jehovah’s Organization, 1/1

What Is a Christian? 6/1

Why Be Self-Sacrificing? 9/15

Why Do You Serve God? 12/15

Why No Children? 8/1


Does Answer Prayers, 3/1

Greater Than Our Hearts, 5/1

How Will He Remember You? 2/1


Altiplano in Peru, 11/15

Announcing Kingdom in Fiji, 9/15

Book of Daniel Explained! (Daniel’s Prophecy book), 1/15

Chiapas Highlands (Mexico), 12/15

“Doers of God’s Word” Conventions, 2/15

“Example of Unity,” 10/15

Fishing for Men in Aegean Sea, 4/15

Gilead Graduations, 6/15, 12/15

“God’s Prophetic Word” Conventions, 1/15

India, 5/15

Italy, 1/15

Long Search Rewarded (Denmark), 9/1

Nazi Oppression (Netherlands), 4/1

New Members of Governing Body, 1/1

Off to Pacific Islands​—To Work! 8/15

Riches of Generosity Bring Joy (contributions), 11/1

Robinson Crusoe Island, 6/15

Senegal, 3/15

Small Bodies, Big Hearts, 2/15

Taiwan, 7/15

Tuvalu, 12/15


How Jesus Christ Can Help Us, 3/15


2/1, 3/1, 4/1, 5/1, 6/1, 8/1, 9/1, 12/1


Blessed With Special Heritage (C. Allen), 10/1

From Building Weapons to Saving Lives (I. Ismailidis), 8/1

Helped to Overcome Shyness (R. Ulrich), 6/1

Jehovah Always Rewards His Loyal Ones (V. Duncombe), 9/1

Jehovah Is My Refuge and Strength (M. Filteau), 2/1

Keeping Life Simple to Serve Jehovah (C. Moyer), 3/1

Light Bearer to Many Nations (G. Young), 7/1

“O for a Faith That Will Not Shrink”! (H. Müller), 11/1

Remembering Creator From Youth On (D. Hibshman), 1/1

Thanking Jehovah​—Through Full-Time Service! (S. Reynolds), 5/1

“You Do Not Know What Your Life Will Be Tomorrow” (H. Jennings), 12/1


“All You Are Brothers,” 6/15

Are You Moved to Act as Jesus Was? 2/15

Bible Reading​—Profitable and Pleasurable, 10/1

Buying Out Time for Reading and Study, 10/1

Christians Find Happiness in Serving, 11/15

“Desirable Things” Filling Jehovah’s House, 1/15

Do You Have “the Mind of Christ”? 2/15

Do You Love Jehovah’s Reminders Exceedingly? 12/1

Eagerly Declare the Good News, 7/1

Fighters Against God Will Not Prevail, 4/1

Firmly Uphold Godly Teaching, 5/1

Getting to Know “the Mind of Christ,” 2/15

Godly View of Moral Cleanness, 11/1

God’s Kingdom​—Earth’s New Rulership, 10/15

Have Faith in God’s Prophetic Word! 5/15

Hear What the Spirit Has to Say, 5/1

Help Others Walk Worthily of Jehovah, 12/15

“His Hour Had Not Yet Come,” 9/15

Honor Ones Given Authority Over You, 6/15

How Jehovah Is Leading Us, 3/15

How Much Longer for the Wicked? 2/1

Jehovah Empowers the Tired One, 12/1

Jehovah​—Vigorous in Power, 3/1

Jehovah Will Not Delay, 2/1

Joyful in the God of Our Salvation, 2/1

“Keep on the Watch,” 1/15

Keep Your “Hope of Salvation” Bright! 6/1

Making All Things New​—As Foretold, 4/15

New World​—Will You Be There? 4/15

‘O God, Send Out Your Light,’ 3/15

Our Precious Heritage​—What Does It Mean to You? 9/1

Pay Attention to God’s Prophetic Word, 4/1

Pay Attention to God’s Prophetic Word for Our Day, 5/15

Presumptuousness Leads to Dishonor, 8/1

Reflect the Mental Attitude of Christ, 9/1

Resurrection Hope Has Power, 7/15

Resurrection Hope Is Sure! 7/15

Sacrifices of Praise That Please Jehovah, 8/15

Sacrifices That Pleased God, 8/15

‘Save Yourself and Those Who Listen to You,’ 6/1

“Search for Jehovah and His Strength,” 3/1

Serving With the Watchman, 1/1

Show a Waiting Attitude! 9/1

Sowing Seeds of Kingdom Truth, 7/1

Stand Complete With Firm Conviction, 12/15

Study​—Rewarding and Enjoyable, 10/1

“The Hour Has Come!” 9/15

“The Little One” Has Become “a Thousand,” 1/1

What God’s Kingdom Will Do, 10/15

Who Are God’s Ministers Today? 11/15

“Wisdom Is With the Modest Ones,” 8/1

You Can Remain Morally Clean, 11/1


Antioch (Syria), 7/15

Believe in What You Cannot See? 6/15

Bible Morality Practical? 11/1

“Charming Mountain Goat,” 10/1

Christmas Customs Christian? 12/15

Cynics, 7/15

Cyril Lucaris​—Man Who Valued the Bible, 2/15

Discoveries at Jezreel, 3/1

Exemplary Man Accepted Correction (Job), 3/15

Faith Can Change Your Life, 1/1

Fighting Corruption, 5/1

Finding Inner Peace, 7/1

God Does Answer Prayers, 3/1

Hate, End? 8/15

Heed the Warning! 2/15

Hereafter, 10/1

How Spirit Operates Today, 4/1

How You Can Make Friends, 12/1

Inner Beauty, 11/15

Investigate Other Religions? 10/15

Josiah, 9/15

Key to Success, 2/1

Know How to Wait? 9/1

Learning From First Human Couple, 11/15

Life Can Have Greater Meaning, 7/15

“March Around Your Altar,” 5/1

Must You Believe It? 12/1

Olive Tree, 5/15

Perfect Life Not a Dream! 6/15

Persecutor Sees Great Light (Paul), 1/15

“Polish Brethren,” 1/1

Praying Do Any Good? 11/15

Religious Unity in Sight? 12/1

“Times of Restoration” at Hand! 9/1

Where to Turn for Good Advice, 6/1

Why Overcome Perfectionism? 6/15

Witchcraft, 4/1

Working in the “Field”​—Before Harvest, 10/15

World Peace​—How? 11/1

World Without Despair, 9/15


Blood derivatives, 6/15

Jehovah delighted to crush Christ? (Isa 53:10), 8/15

One’s own blood, 10/15

Resisting divorce action, 12/15

Who complained about oil poured on Jesus? 4/15

Whose wrath? (Ro 12:19), 3/15