Kingdom Proclaimers Report

Watering Seeds of Truth in Chile

IN THE desert of northern Chile, years may pass before the rain comes. But when it does arrive, parched, rock-strewn ground is transformed into a veritable carpet of multicolored flowers. This spectacular display attracts tourists from all over the country.

However, a much more interesting phenomenon is occurring among the people of Chile. Waters of Bible truth are flowing to every corner of the land, and many sincere people are “blossoming” into disciples of Jesus Christ. One means used to spread these waters of truth is the telephone. The following experiences illustrate the fine results that are being achieved by this method of witnessing.

• A full-time evangelizer named Karina was asked to demonstrate on a circuit assembly program how to witness by telephone. Karina, however, had never shared in that feature of the witnessing work. In order to encourage her to participate in the assembly program, an elder along with his wife reviewed with Karina some points on how to witness by telephone. They also urged her to pray for Jehovah’s direction in the matter. She did so and finally decided to try making a call.

Karina chose a telephone number from a nearby village. A telephone operator answered, and Karina explained the purpose of the call. The operator’s response was favorable, and arrangements were made to speak again in three days. The return visit by telephone resulted in a Bible study, using the brochure What Does God Require of Us? Since then, they have enjoyed interesting and animated studies, and Karina has sent literature to answer the woman’s questions.

• Bernarda took the initiative to witness to a man who mistakenly dialed her telephone number. Rather than show annoyance, Bernarda introduced herself as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and offered assistance. A conversation ensued, and the man listened as she explained how God’s Kingdom will soon eliminate injustice. The man gave Bernarda his phone number, and she made return visits by telephone. During one of their conversations, she read to him a portion of the book Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life. He asked how he could obtain a copy, and Bernarda sent him one along with a Bible. Arrangements were made for him to be visited by a local brother, who now continues to “water” this flourishing “plant.”

Yes, in the arid spiritual soil of this world, hidden seeds are waiting to sprout when reached by the life-giving waters of truth. Thousands of thirsty ones continue to “spring up” and “blossom” into faithful servants of Jehovah God.​—Isaiah 44:3, 4.