Kingdom Proclaimers Report

Precious to Jehovah Are Those Who Love Him

LEBANON has been noted for its natural resources since Bible times. (Psalm 72:16; Isaiah 60:13) Especially prized were its majestic cedars, which were much sought after as building material because of their beauty, fragrance, and durability. In the first century, something more precious came out of Lebanon. The Gospel of Mark reports that from Tyre and Sidon, in Lebanon’s ancient territory, “a great multitude, on hearing of how many things [Jesus] was doing, came to him.”​—Mark 3:8.

Likewise today, Lebanon continues to bear fruit that is very precious in Jehovah’s eyes. The following experiences highlight this.

• A young Witness named Wissam was asked to give a 30-minute speech to his class at school. Wissam decided that it would be a fine opportunity to give a witness. So he used the book Life​—How Did It Get Here? By Evolution or by Creation? and prepared a talk on the subject of creation. However, upon seeing the material, Wissam’s teacher said that since it was such an important subject, Wissam could extend his talk to 45 minutes.

As Wissam began his talk, his teacher interrupted him and sent for the principal. Soon the principal arrived, and Wissam started over. As she listened to the questions that Wissam posed in the introduction of his talk, the principal got excited and said that all the students should receive a photocopy of the talk.

A little later another teacher, who was passing by, noticed the excitement in the classroom and inquired what was happening. When he was informed, he asked whether Wissam was trying to prove creation or evolution. “Creation,” came the reply. Upon learning that Wissam was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the teacher said to the class: “You will see by his talk that science supports creation, not evolution.”

It turned out that this teacher had a copy of the Creation book and had been using it to deliver lectures at the university! Before leaving, he asked whether he could return the following day with his students so that Wissam could speak to his class. That resulted in another fine witness to Jehovah.

• Twenty-two-year-old Nina was thirsty for the waters of truth. One day her cousin gave her a Bible and introduced her to the Pentecostal Church. Nina read the Bible with pleasure and learned from her reading that Christians should preach, so she started speaking to her acquaintances. Everyone she spoke to asked her: “Are you one of Jehovah’s Witnesses?” That puzzled her.

Six years later, Jehovah’s Witnesses called at Nina’s home and told her about God’s Kingdom. At first she tried to find fault with their teachings. However, she found that all their answers were logical and based on the Bible.

What Nina eventually learned​—God’s name, Jehovah; the blessings of the Kingdom; and so forth​—convinced her that she had found the truth. She dedicated her life to God and got baptized. For the past seven years, Nina has served as a full-time evangelizer. Truly, Jehovah blesses those who have real love for him.​—1 Corinthians 2:9.