“Thank You for This Series!”

● People from around the world have expressed their appreciation for the Awake! series “For Family Review” on pages 30 and 31 of each issue. The interactive artwork and questions, the clip-and-save Bible cards, the picture search for children, and the family activity sections are educational and fun for the whole family. Consider the following comments:

“I conduct a Bible study with my two 12-year-old grandsons by mail. Using ‘For Family Review,’ I have them fill out their answers and return the pages to me. My grandsons really seem to enjoy our study, and our correspondence allows me to expand on the points covered. Thank you for this series!”

V. C., United States

“Recently, my five-year-old son asked me to go over a ‘What Is Wrong With This Picture?’ segment at bedtime. I found one, and we started talking about the picture. My son then listened attentively as I read the account directly from the Bible. Now almost every night he wants to study. My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping our children find pleasure in the Bible.”

M. F., France

“I met David, aged 12, and Jennifer, aged 6, at a bus terminal. Their father saw that I was offering Awake! to travelers, so he let them approach me to investigate. While the father and son began reading the magazines, little Jennifer and I enjoyed studying the lovely illustrations and photos of birds and animals. We talked of all the beautiful things that Jehovah God has made for us to enjoy. When we came to page 31, we tried the ‘Children’s Picture Search.’ As I was trying to find the first one, Jennifer rapidly turned the pages and found it within seconds. We tried to find the second and the third pictures, and again she was the first to discover them. In fact, Jennifer wanted to keep going until we had completed the picture searches in ten different issues! Finally, Jennifer requested two more copies to take back to her dad and brother. As I left, all three expressed appreciation for the excellent material.”

M. C., Ecuador