From Our Readers

The Fabulous Variety of Life in the Upper Amazon (April 2010) Your article claims that the Awajun people (Aguaruna) worship five gods. As a member of the indigenous Awajun population, I disagree. I think you have made a mistake, because most Awajun people profess to be Christians and we do not worship five gods, as your magazine reports. Since the Awajun population frequently reads your magazine, please correct this mistake.

T.P.T., Peru

“Awake!” responds: The writer gathered information from various sources, including personal interviews with former inhabitants of Aguaruna communities and a number of published sources. One of these, Atlas Regional del Perú, 2004 Edition, gives the names and descriptions of five Aguaruna deities. However, as you note, inhabitants of some Aguaruna communities have converted to nominal Christianity. We apologize for any misimpression we may have given.

How to Cope With Stuttering (May 2010) Thank you for this article. I too am a stutterer, and many times I felt lonely because of it. But after reading this article, I realized that I am not alone. Now I am determined to face my disability and, like Rafael, “when a word causes me to stutter, . . . laugh” and show a sense of humor.

Y. S., Japan

Young People Ask . . . How Can I Boost My Self-Respect? (May 2010) I am 12 years old and live with my mother, who is seriously ill and raising me alone. When I read the question “Do you feel loved?” I honestly replied “No.” That upset me. So I spoke about it with some mature Christians and with my mother. This article helped me to understand that there is no reason to judge myself so harshly. Many people love me. Thank you for helping me to see how much Jehovah cares for us young people.

C. H., France

This article encouraged me to cope with painful experiences from the past and feelings of worthlessness that sometimes still bother me. I will never forget the three ways to boost my self-respect that were discussed in this article and especially the illustration of a bill with a small tear! Thank you for this wonderful article!

S. W., South Korea