From Our Readers

The Water Crisis​—What Is Being Done? (January 2009) I am troubled by the conclusion of this article. Rather than encouraging your readers to assist others by building wells, supporting water conservation programs, or even exploring the problem further, the article says: “The ultimate solution to the water crisis rests in God’s hands, not man’s” and further He will “‘make all things new.’ (Revelation 21:5)” While this is encouraging news, wouldn’t it be better to help out in the meantime? There are so many problems in this world. Although God certainly has planned the solutions, we cannot in good conscience wait passively while the Devil does his work.

S. S., United States

“Awake!” responds: The focus of the above-mentioned article was not intended to imply that individuals have no responsibility to make efforts to improve matters now. As the article stated, “God gave humans the responsibility of taking care of this planet.” Thus, we have published many articles in our journals that encourage our readers to be proactive in conserving earth’s resources and in protecting the environment. Sadly, however, man’s efforts to protect the earth’s resources are often hampered by regulations that favor economic growth over environmental concerns and by the inherent greed and selfishness of imperfect humankind. Hence, that is why we say that “the ultimate solution to the water crisis rests in God’s hands.”

Earth​—Designed for Life (February 2009) At a time when the media only writes things that make us feel insecure because of global warming, reading this series really gives me peace of mind. I was greatly encouraged, too, that the future of the earth is not dark but that both physically and spiritually, it will become a paradise where humans can live in peace. Thank you very much.

M. H., Japan

Dyslexia Has Not Held Me Back (February 2009) I also have a problem with dyslexia, and unfortunately I did not fully understand the extent of my problem until after my wife and I were assigned as missionaries and I tried to learn another language. I found this article to be very encouraging, particularly the box on page 22, which helped me to understand the nature of this problem. I was heartened to read how Michael Henborg has tackled a number of languages. Thank you so much.

M. M., Tanzania

Young People Ask . . . How Can I Make Bible Reading Enjoyable? (April 2009) I have a visual handicap, and I work in Braille at school. I really appreciate your publications, which have helped me to overcome many of my problems. I usually listen to your cassettes and audio CDs before going to sleep. That allows me to fall asleep with positive thoughts in mind. I listened to this article at least five times and found some ideas for developing my personal study.

S. H., France