How Would You Answer?

Where Did It Happen?

1. In which city did this event take place?

CLUE: Read Acts 18:1-3.

Circle your answer on the map.





▪ What are the three people doing?


▪ What are the names of the married couple, and what is the name of their friend?



What is the name of another person that this couple helped?

CLUE: Read Acts 18:24-26.

What type of work do you think this couple enjoyed most, and why?

Children’s Picture Search

Can you find these pictures in this issue? In your own words, describe what is happening in each picture.

From This Issue

Answer these questions, and provide the missing Bible verse(s).

PAGE 3 A person who does not provide for his family is worse than what? 1 Timothy 5:․․․

PAGE 5 Why are two better than one? Ecclesiastes 4:․․․

PAGE 11 Wisdom can be found among whom? Job 12:․․․

PAGE 29 What should a person abstain from? 1 Thessalonians 4:․․․

What Do You Know About Judge Gideon?

Read Judges 6:1–7:25. Now answer the following questions.

2. ․․․․․

He was from which tribe?

3. ․․․․․

He delivered Israel from which nation?

4. ․․․․․

True or false? He lived before Moses.


What quality did Gideon display when first appointed by Jehovah?

CLUE: Read Judges 6:14-16.

Do you think that this is a good quality? Explain why you answer that way.

▪ Answers on page 27


1. Corinth.

▪ Making a tent.

▪ Aquila, Priscilla, and Paul.

2. Manasseh.​—Judges 6:15.

3. Midian.​—Judges 6:6.

4. False.