From Our Readers

Young People Ask . . . What if My Sibling Has Committed Suicide? (June 2008) Before she died, my older sister battled depression for five years. Since I had witnessed the misery of her illness, I thought, ‘What a pitiful life she had!’ However, the Awake! article suggested that we recall pleasant memories. While recalling my pleasant memories, I began to feel that it wasn’t “a pitiful life” but that my sister actually had a happy life, as there were more happy times than hard times.

S. Y., Japan

Young People Ask . . . Why Don’t My Parents Trust Me? (April 2008) By reading and applying the Bible principles found in Awake! I learned that building trust and maturing is like a flight of stairs, not a door you immediately walk through. To be given more freedom, I needed to prove myself to my parents. I had to finish my chores and do my school homework. Thank you for articles like this one.

T. L., United States

Living With Albinism (July 2008) As a person living with this condition, I was at first happy to see the article. However, I was unhappy to see the word “albino” used in the article over and over again. It has been used in very derogatory forms as a word of hate toward people with this condition.

A. L., United States

“Awake!” responds: We apologize for any distress this may have caused our readers. Our use of the word “albino” was derived from its medical usage. We admit, however, that some have used the term in a hurtful way. On the other hand, many with albinism accept the word and do not feel offended by its usage. It certainly was not our intent to malign anyone.

Thank you for publishing this article, for I too am an albino like John. To read an article about albinism that was true, factual, thoughtful, educational, and informative was most appreciated. As a result, my friends better understand my condition.

T. M., United States

A Love More Powerful Than a Hurricane! (August 2008) Articles like this remind me not to be anxious about the future but to rely fully on God. Three years ago I experienced brotherly affection when a flood destroyed the house of my unbelieving parents. Jehovah’s Witnesses from the local congregation quickly came to their aid. I thank Jehovah that I am part of his organization.

D. W., Poland

The Wonders of Corn (August 2008) Our family planted corn in our vegetable garden, but we were not able to harvest even-size kernels. Now, thanks to this article, we understand the reason. We were only able to plant five or six seedlings, so they weren’t being pollinated the way a large field would be. Last year, by carefully pollinating each strand of the “silk road,” we were able to harvest sweet, delicious corn with even-size kernels. Thank you very much.

R. W., Japan