From Our Readers

A Slave to Alcohol No More (May 2007) I occasionally enjoy your magazine when the Witnesses bring it to me. I find the articles quite refreshing compared with the depressing news on TV and in newspapers. I have never suffered from alcoholism myself, but I have a number of family members and friends who have. The man in the article said that he was alcohol-free after three months. This after a lifetime of alcohol-related misery. While I applaud him, I have to say that he is quite an unrealistic example and, I think, potentially discouraging to anyone who is coping with this problem. A typical alcoholic usually suffers a number of setbacks along the difficult path to recovery.

G. A., United States

“Awake!” responds: We did not mean to imply that breaking free from alcohol abuse is a simple matter. We agree that many who struggle with alcohol addiction experience setbacks and discouragement along the path to recovery. Even those who abruptly quit drinking and are no longer alcohol dependent have to remain vigilant to avoid a relapse. Thus, as the article stated, after ten years of going without a drink, the former “slave to alcohol” acknowledged: “Many don’t know the tremendous fight I have and that just one drink is all it would take to lead me back to my old ways. The desire for alcohol still lingers within me. It requires intense prayer and determination to have the strength to say no.” By prayerful reliance on God, many have managed to stop being a slave to alcohol.​—Psalm 55:22.

Can You Trust the Bible? (November 2007) I am 12 years old and want to thank you for this incredibly interesting and informative special issue of Awake! I especially enjoyed the section on page 7 about the internal harmony of the Bible. It brought up things I hadn’t thought of before. I’m already looking forward to the next special issue!

D. F., United States

To Think About I would like to thank you for the new format of Awake! The questions raised at the end of certain articles have been very helpful to me. They have helped me to retain the information and meditate on the subject. We lead such a hectic life nowadays that some important and upbuilding points can go unnoticed in our reading.

M.A.S., Brazil

Is Death Really the End? (December 2007) Six months ago I lost my mother in a tragic accident. How reassuring it was for me to read this article, which strengthened my hope that I will see her again in the resurrection. Thank you very much.

L.L.R., Brazil

Young People Ask . . . Why Live by Bible Standards? (November 2007) I thought that as long as I didn’t commit immorality, there was nothing wrong with dating. But I wasn’t satisfied with just spending time with my boyfriend. I started to have inappropriate fleshly desires. Thank you very much for handling these teachings from the Bible in a way that is easy for young people with little experience to understand.

E. F., Japan