From Our Readers

Seven Steps to Better Parenting (August 2007) This magazine was an answer to my prayers. I have a four-year-old daughter who loves Jehovah, yet I cannot help but feel afraid of making a mistake as a parent. So I ask Jehovah every day to help me to train her. Thank you very much for being concerned about us parents.

Y.M.A., Mexico

This series was like getting a guidebook personalized for our family, discussing many of the very issues that have been weighing heavily on my mind! It just further reinforced to me how much Jehovah cares for his people. He has heard my prayers and seen my tears and knows just how much I needed this information.

J. M., United States

In only a few pages, you managed to include valuable guidance and instruction that really works. Now we just need to follow these guidelines!

E. L., Finland

Can Optimism Improve Your Health? (September 2007) This article helped me greatly, since on many occasions I have blamed myself for personal problems that arose. Thus, I came to think that I was not a good mother and I lived with a lot of stress. Although it’s not easy for me to be optimistic, this information helped alleviate my concerns. I’m very grateful for the interest shown in us through this kind of article.

A. S., Ecuador

Toothache​—A History of Agony (September 2007) I am a dentist and teacher of dentistry. I was favorably impressed by your excellent and well-written article. It was a wonderful summary of the history of dentistry. I’ve shared it with many of my friends and colleagues.

C. R., United States

Is God Responsible? (September 2007) Some friends and I have got together socially to discuss practical ways we can prepare for an emergency. We enjoy light refreshments, review the good points in the box “Are You Equipped to Flee?” in the above-mentioned article, and look over emergency kits that a few of us have prepared. We also discuss the importance of having a balanced view of emergency preparations. We appreciate that assembling disaster supplies is not our primary vocation as servants of God. Rather, it is to preach the good news of God’s Kingdom and share with others God’s wonderful promise of an earth in which there will be no threat from any disaster​—natural or man-made.

R. G., United States

Keep Your Children Safe! (October 2007) I was molested when I was very young. I am still unable to tell my parents what happened. So I was comforted greatly by these articles. I hope from the bottom of my heart that parents will read this magazine and protect their children. I am very thankful to Jehovah for giving us this necessary information. It was a real comfort to those of us who have experienced sexual abuse.

R. I., Japan