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What Did the Dream Mean?

Read the Bible account recorded at Daniel 2:25-45, and answer the questions below.

1. The image is made of what four metals?





2. What do the metals represent?


3. What happens to the image?


4. What replaces the image, and how long does it last?




How does this account show that Daniel was a modest man? If you do a job well or are talented in some way, why should you be modest?

From This Issue

Answer these questions, and provide the missing Bible verse(s).

PAGE 7 What should marriage mates be quick to do? James 1:․․․

PAGE 9 What should marriage mates keep an eye on? Philippians 2:․․․

PAGE 11 God directs his servants to avoid what? Deuteronomy 18:․․․

PAGE 21 If a youth becomes not just a hearer but a doer, what will he be? James 1:․․․

Children’s Picture Search

Can you find these pictures in this issue? In your own words, describe what is happening in each picture.

Who Is Part of Jesus’ Family Tree?

Consider the clues. Look up the scriptures. Then write the correct names in the spaces provided.

5. ․․․․․

CLUE: My grandson became the second king of Israel.

Read 1 Samuel 16:13, 14; 1 Chronicles 2:12-15.

6. ․․․․․

CLUE: Isaiah prophesied that one of my descendants would ‘stand up as a signal to the people.’

Read Isaiah 11:10.

7. ․․․․․

CLUE: I was known for making musical instruments.

Read 2 Chronicles 7:6.

▪ Answers on page 22


1. Gold, silver, copper, iron.

2. Four kingdoms.

3. It is crushed.

4. God’s Kingdom; it lasts to times indefinite.

5. Obed.​—Luke 3:31, 32.

6. Jesse.​—Luke 3:32.

7. David.​—Luke 3:31.