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What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Identify three things in this picture that do not match the Bible account at John 13:2-14.

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What qualities did Jesus demonstrate in this account? How can you imitate Jesus when dealing with your family?

From This Issue

Answer these questions, and provide the missing Bible verse(s).

PAGE 5 What is one reason why ‘the heart of some becomes fully set in them to do bad?’ Ecclesiastes 8:․․․

PAGE 8 How secure is the standing of the wicked? Psalm 73:․․․

PAGE 10 How far off does God put our transgressions? Psalm 103:․․․

PAGE 27 What did Jesus do that gives hope to youths and others who are not well? Matthew 4:․․․

Children’s Picture Search

Can you find these pictures in this issue? In your own words, describe what is happening in each picture.

Who Is Part of Jesus’ Family Tree?

Consider the clues. Look up the scriptures. Then write the correct names in the spaces provided.

4. ․․․․․

CLUE: I was “transferred so as not to see death.”

Read Hebrews 11:5.

5. ․․․․․

CLUE: I lived the longest of any human recorded in the Bible.

Read Genesis 5:27.

6. ․․․․․

CLUE: My son built the ark.

Read Genesis 5:28, 29 and Hebrews 11:7.

▪ Answers on page 22


1. Jesus washed the feet, not the hands.

2. No other disciples helped Jesus.

3. Jesus also dried the disciples’ feet.

4. Enoch.​—Luke 3:37.

5. Methuselah.​—Luke 3:37.

6. Lamech.​—Luke 3:36.

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