From Our Readers

Can Marriage Withstand the Storm? (July 2006) I am a regular reader of Awake! magazine. I am a Catholic, but I find your magazine to be very interesting and educational. However, I beg to differ with your statement: “In 1983 the church relaxed its rules concerning marriage bonds and made it easier for Catholics to end a marriage.”

G.V.M., Zambia

“Awake!” responds: We were referring to the procedural changes in the 1983 Code of Canon Law. The effects of such changes have been dramatic, particularly in the United States. According to Roman Catholic Bishop Mark A. Pivarunas, in 1968 only 338 annulments were granted in the United States. By 1990, however, that number had soared to 62,824. Why the increase?

Canon lawyer Edward Peters stated: “Some very significant changes in canonical procedure have been made over the last 30 years, changes which facilitated both the filing of marriage nullity petitions and the chances that such petitions will be proven.” After citing a number of canon changes, Peters added: “Each of these Roman changes in procedural canon law has indisputably contributed to the dramatic increase in declarations of marriage nullity.” Regardless of their intention, the direct result of these canon changes was​—at least in the United States—​as “Awake!” stated: “[The church] made it easier for Catholics to end a marriage.”

Is There a Creator? (September 2006) This special issue of Awake! was a masterpiece. The arguments presented were simple, powerful, logical, and sensible. I thoroughly enjoyed the format, whereby the whole magazine dealt with the same theme from different angles.

A. B., Spain

Thank you for this brilliant as well as fascinating magazine. The manifold arguments and illustrations honor Jehovah. He deserves to be praised in such a way.

R. B., Switzerland

I was won over by the disarmingly simple proofs in favor of creation. That evolution is a hoax was exposed without animosity but with all the intellectual rigor required in science.

L. G., France

The Roma​—A Thousand Years of Joy and Sorrow (October 2006) I have always felt affection for the Roma. Sadly, prejudice against them persists. I’m sure that your article will be thought provoking for many people. How reassuring to know that Jehovah is not partial and that Roma are among his worshippers!

B. B., France

We are Roma people. My father is not yet one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and he is not very eager to read. However, he wanted to have this magazine, and now it is on his table!

A. G., Finland