From Our Readers

When Sickness Is No More! (January 2007) When you state that some people “waste money and time on treatments and remedies that are ineffective or even harmful,” it seems the inference is to alternative forms of medicine, since the article raised questions as to effectiveness and safety issues of some alternative treatments. Is this meant to say that Awake! is endorsing conventional medicine as safer and more effective? According to the U.S. General Accounting Office, there is much evidence to believe otherwise.

G. C., United States

“Awake!” responds: A number of widely accepted treatments that were at some point considered to be safe and effective have later been shown to be unsafe. This has happened both in the conventional field of medicine and in alternative health care. The wise course is to be reasonably informed as to the potential benefits and risks of the treatment you are considering, whether this be conventional or alternative, and to make sure that it does not conflict with Bible principles. This involves personal decisions. As we have stated many times before, “Awake!” does not endorse any particular treatment. And Christians avoid judging or criticizing the health-care choices others make. As the articles pointed out, in the final analysis, neither alternative nor modern medicine has the answer to all of mankind’s ills. Only God’s Kingdom will bring about a time when sickness will be no more.​—Revelation 21:3, 4.

I Will ‘Climb Up Just as a Stag Does’ (August 2006) Francesco Abbatemarco’s patience and humility really made me think. Not only did he try to overcome his physical disability in order to serve Jehovah but he also worked hard to overcome his negative feelings as well. His experience has helped me to keep in mind that no matter what situations we face, we can serve Jehovah to the best of our ability. I was also encouraged to see how applying God’s Word helped him to make dramatic changes in his life.

N. G., Cambodia

Francesco had so many obstacles to overcome. Yet, once he found the truth, he faced them eagerly and willingly. He is such a wonderful example of determination! I hope his story will motivate others the way it has me.

M. D., South Africa

I loved this article so much! I wish I could tell Francesco Abbatemarco in person how much it encouraged me to make a greater effort to do more in my service to Jehovah.

J. B., United States

Thank you, Francesco, for your wonderful example of zeal and endurance. I am sure that in the new system, you will leap up like a stag. Please know that you have brothers and sisters who really love you and who pray for you.

S. G., Russia