From Our Readers

A Child’s Faith (August 2006) I look forward to seeing Dustin, and millions of others who have died, running and jumping in their youthful vigor in the new world that is soon to come.

A. A., Sri Lanka

Dustin’s faith and dauntless courage touched me deeply. His experience has helped me to assess the significance of the truth in my life and to get my priorities right. I now realize that maintaining a good relationship with Jehovah and putting Kingdom interests first should be my top priorities.

M.C.V., Brazil

My heart was touched by Dustin’s motivating, positive feelings for the truth. His actions showed that he wanted to please Jehovah and to serve others. Like Dustin, I too want to ‘run the course to the finish and observe the faith’!

M. N., Japan

I am seven years old. Thank you for publishing this experience. I was impressed by Dustin’s strong faith in Jehovah, even though he had a bad illness. His example has encouraged me to do more for God.

T. D., Italy

Intriguing Patterns in Plants (September 2006) This article kept my attention for a full hour and a half! It was so educational! I made myself some diagrams so that I could understand it better. Please notice, however, that the fraction 13/21 does not closely express the golden proportion of the circle but, rather, the remaining proportion of 222.5 degrees.

L. C. United States

“Awake!” responds: Several readers correctly pointed out that the golden proportion of a revolution is approximately 222.5 degrees. Why did our article say that the golden angle is 137.5 degrees​—the same angle measured counterclockwise? The Web resource MathWorld says: “The golden angle is the angle that divides a full angle [360°] in a golden ratio (but measured in the opposite direction so that it measures less than 180°).” Explaining why mathematicians and scientists express the golden angle this way, British mathematician Dr. Ron Knott says: “We tend to ‘see’ the smaller angle.” Thus, although the golden proportion is about 13/21 (more than half), the golden angle is normally expressed as 137.5 degrees (less than half).

“Imprisoned for Their Faith” (April 2006) I am not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, but that does not prevent me from having the greatest respect for the members of your faith. I met several Witnesses during my incarceration in Gross-Rosen and Buchenwald concentration camps. Their behavior was so exemplary and their religious convictions so outstanding that they gained the respect and the admiration of all the other inmates. Even the SS were impressed by them. Jehovah’s Witnesses will always be welcome at my house.

P. V., United States