“Mealtimes Draw Us Closer Together”

DOES your family enjoy at least one meal a day together? Sadly, in today’s hectic world, eating has become a haphazard, do-your-own-thing affair in many households. Yet, besides filling a physical need, enjoying a meal together as a family can satisfy even more important needs​—warm communication and family bonding.

Algirdas lives with his wife, Rima, and their three daughters in the northern European country of Lithuania. “Although I work and the girls go to school,” says Algirdas, “we organize our schedule so that we can eat supper together. During mealtimes all of us feel free to talk about the day’s events and to share our problems, thoughts, plans, likes, and dislikes. We also use this time for spiritual discussions. Without a doubt, mealtimes draw us closer together.”

Rima adds: “Preparing meals with the girls also gives us opportunities for intimate communication. The girls enjoy doing things together in the kitchen, and at the same time, they are learning valuable skills. Thus, we are able to combine work with pleasure.”

Algirdas, Rima, and their children are reaping many benefits because they take the time to have a meal together. If you are not already doing so, why not arrange to enjoy at least one meal together as a family each day, even if you are a single parent. The rewards will far outweigh any sacrifice you make.