From Our Readers

Mothers Thank you for the beautifully written series “The Role of Mothers as Educators.” (February 22, 2005) It truly touched my heart, and it impelled me to call my mom as soon as I finished reading it. My mother raised my brother and me by herself. She put herself through school so that she could provide for us. She made sure we were regular at Christian meetings and in the ministry. Her work paid off. Thank you for reminding me of her wonderful example.

M. S., United States

I was reminded of my mother’s self-sacrificing effort to educate me spiritually and morally. Even though she did not have the emotional and financial support of my father, she taught me to love Jehovah. She also encouraged me to become a full-time evangelizer. I guess I took my mother’s effort for granted, but as the series suggested, she deserves commendation. I made a long-distance call to thank her!

C.H.K., Republic of Korea

My father does not share our Christian beliefs. It was my mother who brought me up “in the discipline and mental-regulating of Jehovah.” (Ephesians 6:4) It was not easy for her, considering the attitude I displayed at times. I am now 24 years old, and I am grateful that she did not lose heart but persevered in inculcating Bible truth in my heart.

D. M., Italy

DNA I loved the article “‘Junk’ DNA?” (February 22, 2005) I took a course in molecular biology a few years ago. I became indignant with the textbook, as it called 95 percent of our DNA junk! The author used wonderful illustrations to explain the workings of DNA, and in the next breath, he credited evolution for its coming into being. So you can see how happy I was to read about so-called junk DNA in Awake!

J. C., United States

Young People Ask The article “Young People Ask . . . How Can I Control My Emotions?” touched my heart. (February 22, 2005) I am 31 years old and was raised as a Christian, but I am a long way from having a mature personality. I recently had episodes of hysterical rage, which startled even me. Advice from my mother and another Christian sister helped. And then came this article​—exactly at the right time. I have read it twice and will keep it nearby so that I can learn to control my emotions.

I. B., Germany

Sign Language I am puzzled by the frequent reference to deafness, the most recent being in the “Watching the World” item “Internet Sign Language.” (February 8, 2005) I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I have been active in the ministry for many years. Yet, I must say that I have never encountered a deaf person in all of my witnessing! Is the problem of deafness really that extensive?

Name withheld, United States

“Awake!” responds: According to one study, about 8,000,000 people over five years of age have hearing problems in the United States alone​—even with the help of a hearing aid. About 1,000,000 of that number rely on sign language to communicate. Another study in the same country suggested that there are approximately 28,000,000 individuals (of all age groups) with hearing problems who do not use a hearing aid. It is possible to encounter deaf people without realizing it, since deafness tends to go undetected by onlookers. Furthermore, if a deaf person lives with hearing people, it is often a hearing person who answers the door.