From Our Readers

Beauty I am 11 years old, and I really appreciated the series “What Kind of Beauty Matters Most?” (December 22, 2004) Sometimes I find myself being overly concerned about how I look. This article has helped me to realize that the person on the inside is what people notice.

A. L., United States

I am not entirely happy with my appearance. But I hope that my inner beauty is acceptable to Jehovah and that he is pleased with me and my way of life. Such articles are not only very interesting but strengthening as well.

M. G., Germany

Young People Ask Thank you for publishing “Young People Ask . . . What if He Says No?” (December 22, 2004) Just like those quoted in the article, I was attracted to a Christian man but my love was unreturned. My feelings were crushed. With the help of this article, I am praying positively to Jehovah to help me to keep busy in spiritual things. I want to overcome the blow I received from this unrequited love.

I. Y., Japan

Words cannot express what I felt after reading the article. It arrived just in time, and it described exactly how I had been feeling! It wasn’t easy to accept being turned down, but the article helped me to put the matter behind me.

M. P., Italy

Although some of the points may be difficult to apply, I think this article has finally enabled me to stand on my feet again. I hope that it will help many others to rediscover their value in Jehovah’s eyes and begin to live again!

J. E., United States

This article gave me the strength not to be overwhelmed with feelings of disappointment. Although the experience of rejection is still with me, the article helped take the sting out of it. It is good to know that Jehovah cares for each one of us.

M. L., United States

The day I received this issue of Awake! I also received a letter in which a Christian man kindly but clearly refused me. For days I could not eat or sleep, but this article helped me to have a realistic view and to maintain my self-respect.

M. I., Japan

After suffering for a long time because of a romantic feeling that was not mutual, I realized that the best thing I could do was to face the facts. I now see that I am not the only one who has suffered from a no. Thank you very much.

L.A.C., Brazil

I was disappointed and hurt when the person I was interested in said no. I cried after reading the article because by means of it, Jehovah helped me. Now I know that he wanted to save me from much pain. I love Jehovah all the more.

D. O., Austria

The point in the “Young People Ask” article that Jehovah put the desire for love into humans and that he knows how we can control that love was new and comforting to me. I want to become someone who, as the cover series in this issue said, is beautiful in Jehovah’s eyes​—beautiful on the inside.

H. W., Japan