From Our Readers

Young People Ask Thank you for the wonderful article “Young People Ask . . . How Can I Cope With Failure?” (November 22, 2004) Like Ana, I felt that I had let God down and could not gain his forgiveness. But as the article explained, Jehovah forgave David and stayed close to him despite his weaknesses. How nice it is to know that even if we fall, Jehovah will help us to get up again!

G. C., Italy

What helped me most was Galatians 6:4. I realized that I am always comparing myself with the best students in my class. This article made me understand that I am doing harm to myself.

C. C., France

Terrorist Attack The article “Coping With the Trauma of a Terrorist Attack” really hit me. (November 8, 2004) The experiences included were wonderful. I learned that we can be strengthened by recalling scriptures and by having the sure hope of Paradise. It is important to have as many scriptures as possible embedded in our heart.

I. A., Japan

I am really impressed that even though they were injured, the brothers thought of the Bible and the hope that Jehovah gives us. I would love to visit Spain someday and tell the brothers how upbuilt I was.

L. G., United States

Parents Thanks for the advice given in the series “What Makes a Good Father?” (August 22, 2004) We now realize how to direct our baby’s heart toward spiritual matters so that Jehovah’s principles can be inculcated in him from infancy. Such articles seem to be written just for us. They always meet our spiritual needs on time.

K. and M. P., Poland

Teen Pregnancy Thank you for the series “Teen Pregnancy​—A Global Tragedy.” (October 8, 2004) Before I finished reading it, my tears began to fall. The article accurately described what my sister is going through. I am grateful that Jehovah provided this timely series to help me better understand her feelings.

M. S., Indonesia

One can feel the warmth and sympathy of the elders shown in the illustration on page 10. This picture really exalts Jehovah’s unsurpassed love and mercy! Thank you for teaching us to imitate our God in how we treat those who have committed a serious sin but are repentant.

T. K., Ukraine

Witnessing at School The article “Youths Who Speak Up for Their Faith” really impressed me. (September 8, 2004) The experiences of Holly, Jessica, and Melissa have helped me to talk about my faith in school, whether to schoolmates or to teachers. At first, I was shy about giving a witness. But I am now stirred to speak to those I meet at school.

G. O., Nigeria

Vitiligo An article that recently touched my heart is “What Is Vitiligo?” (September 22, 2004) I have had vitiligo since I was nine years of age. I am now in my 30’s. After many unsuccessful treatments, I have accepted the fact that I must wait until God’s new world for a cure. Still, my life has been rewarding! It is possible to have a full and happy life despite this skin disease!

M. S., Mozambique