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From Our Readers

From Our Readers

 From Our Readers

Obesity I would like to commend you on your series “Obesity​—What is the Solution?” (November 8, 2004) I have lost 112 pounds [50 kg] by developing a plan of more-healthful eating plus daily exercise. Since losing this weight, I have acquired more endurance, so that I can stay out longer in the ministry without getting overly exhausted.

M. E., United States

I am in my late 40’s and have started to pay more attention to my health, but I was unconcerned about being obese. Now I have made up my mind to lose weight. I started right away. This series assures me that Jehovah is looking after each one of us.

H. S., Japan

Thank you for the factual information on obesity. Today I started my exercise program and different eating habits. I have been a reader for more than 30 years, and your magazine has given me so much help in my life!

N. J., United States

I weigh 350 pounds [160 kg]. According to the chart on page 5, I should be 168 pounds [76 kg]. I have a lot of work to do to lose all this weight. I know that this article and the experiences in it will help.

W. O., United States

I am pleased to know that Jehovah and his organization are concerned about our health. One thing that concerned me, however, was the chart on page 5. Some doctors use a chart that shows the minimum to maximum weight for a person’s frame. I have a large frame, so my weight would be different from that of someone with a small frame of the same height.

C. S., United States

“Awake!” responds: Thank you for this information. What appears on page 5 is merely one type of chart that can help a person to determine his or her appropriate weight. It was not our intent to imply that other approaches are less valid.

The series reflected the prevalent view that a thin person is successful, whereas an overweight person is the opposite. Does my being overweight mean that I am lazy, unmotivated, and useless?

I. J., Germany

It seems to me that you omitted the psychological aspect of this problem. I agree that it’s important to fight against being fat, but suppose someone is unsuccessful. How will he or she feel?

Y. Z., Russia

Some readers may get the impression that Jehovah loves only thin people or that only people of “normal” weight are allowed to be Jehovah’s Witnesses.

R. B., Germany

“Awake!” responds: The above three readers raise points that were not addressed in our series. Admittedly, obesity has a number of causes that may not be related to overeating. For example, some medications can cause a person to gain weight. Genetic factors may also make weight loss more difficult for some. Whatever the cause, we did not mean to imply that only men and women of ideal weight are acceptable to God. Hopefully our series provided motivation and practical suggestions for any who would like to adopt a program of healthful eating and exercise​—and as a result lose excess weight. Such programs save lives. We regret any misunderstanding in this matter.