From Our Readers

Children I recently read the series “A Child’s Early Years​—What Should Parents Do?” (October 22, 2004) These articles so impressed me that I decided to write. I have a daughter who will soon turn five. I used to think that I had to fill every waking moment of her time. However, the magazine said that some educators feel that unstructured play is actually necessary, as it stimulates creativity and develops a child’s social, mental, and emotional skills. Thank you so much! Please continue to publish articles on similar topics!

I. K., Russia

When I read this series, I could not hold back the tears. I thought back to 29 years ago when I had my baby, as a very young mother without Jehovah. I made many mistakes. But my tears of regret turned to tears of joy. My daughter just had her first baby a week ago. I’m so thankful to Jehovah that my grandchild has parents who love Jehovah and who will benefit from such articles.

E. H., United States

Young People Ask Thank you very much for the article “Young People Ask . . . How Can I Tell Him How I Feel?” (October 22, 2004) Just recently, a young woman broke off our courtship. Because I still have feelings for her, I could not give up the hope that she would reconsider. But after reading this article, I recognize that this is just a dream, and for the first time, I feel that I can come to grips with reality. Thank you for discussing such a practical subject. Once again, I see how Bible principles can help us.

Y. K., Japan

Even though I do not presently intend to get to know someone with marriage in view, this article is useful because it keeps me on guard. It is true that we young ones are more exposed to Satan’s attacks, but it is also true that Jehovah helps us. Continue publishing such articles!

C. D., Romania

This article helped me to view things realistically. It helped me to resolve to allow more time to pass before I express my feelings. Above all, it encouraged me to do more in the congregation so I can improve my reputation there and also improve my relationship with Jehovah. This would make me a more appealing person to all. Thank you for such a nice expression of attention to young people!

D. K., Holland

One day I had a conversation with a friend about a person she was romantically interested in. She wanted my advice on how to proceed. We tried to think of Bible principles. So you can imagine how amazed we were when the very next day we received this magazine! Thanks very much for printing such articles!

J. S., Ireland

I am 14. In my class at school, love and relationships are often a topic of conversation. Reading this article, I learned a lot about how to look for a marriage mate in the future. I also came to understand how Jehovah really cares for us and gives us good advice. I want to act wisely​—in a way that is acceptable before God—​in front of those of the opposite sex. Please keep on publishing wonderful articles like this one in the future.

K. I., Japan