From Our Readers

Prejudice Thank you for the series “Will Prejudice Ever End?” (September 8, 2004) As I read it, I realized that I myself am somewhat prejudiced. It’s ironic because I often feel angry at those who are prejudiced. I know that this magazine will help me.

M. U., United States

Even though I live far from my native country, I do not feel that I am a victim of prejudice. But this series helped me to empathize with those who are. We are grateful that Jehovah will soon put an end to this problem!

T. G., Norway

I compliment you on your intention to awaken people to the problem of prejudice. However, I think you succumbed to your own discrimination on pages 8 and 9. There you describe two Jewish passersby who were not inclined to help an injured person. Why do you single out the Jews?

H. H., United States

“Awake!” responds: It was the Jewish man Jesus who told the story about the neighborly Samaritan. In Jesus’ day, many Jews were prejudiced against Samaritans. So by showing that a person of another race could be a good neighbor to a Jew, Jesus was teaching his Jewish listeners a very valuable lesson.

Mental Disorders Thank you for the article “When Someone You Love Has a Mental Disorder.” (September 8, 2004) My mother has suffered with a mental disorder for years. Now I understand that I should encourage her to ask for help and that there is nothing shameful about doing this.

M. P., Ukraine

I am only 16, but I’ve been suffering from depression for years. Many thanks for writing such a helpful article to guide me through difficult times. I surely won’t be the only one to benefit.

K. J., Germany

Keep such articles coming! They help us all to recognize the need to be more patient and loving and to get the help we need. How we long to live in God’s new world, free from such a devastating illness!

K. F., United States

Youths I am 15 years of age, and I too have often spoken with teachers and classmates about my faith. What the article “Youths Who Speak Up for Their Faith” (September 8, 2004) states is true​—witnessing at school truly serves as a protection. Keep writing such great articles!

R. B., Germany

Paradise I enjoyed the article “A Pocket of Paradise.” (September 8, 2004) I had not heard of half the animals mentioned! From now on I will try to read every issue of Awake!

W. C., France

Thanks so much for this article. I don’t often get out of the village where I live, but through the pages of Awake! I get to “travel” regularly. The beauty of Jehovah’s creation keeps us in awe and makes us aware of his great love.

D. H., United States

Something Better I was deeply moved by the life story of Charles Sinutko as told in the article “Something Better Than Fame.” (August 22, 2004) Brother Sinutko gave up his career and left fame and wealth to serve Jehovah. He and his wife were content with simple living conditions. Their strong faith moved me to tears and stimulated my trust in Jehovah. I was encouraged to exert myself vigorously in the ministry. Thank you for this encouraging life story.

I. B., Poland