From Our Readers

Science and God I was excited to read the series “Can Science Help You to Find God?” (June 22, 2004) I have sent a copy to my youngest stepbrother, who is a nuclear physicist. The articles were exactly correct about the peer pressure in the scientific community to be an atheist. I believe that atheism has become the religion of the scientific world because of the gross misrepresentation of the Bible by religious dogmatists. I thank you so much for addressing these subjects.

A. B., United States

The series was another gem. The excellent pictures improved our grasp of the four fundamental physical forces that make life possible on our earth. And your questions to religionists uncovered their frailty when it comes to integrity and modesty. Please accept my thanks for the entire series of articles.

F. W., United States

Concorde I am 16 years old, and I would like to thank you for the article “The Concorde Flies Into Aviation History.” (June 22, 2004) Ever since I was small, I have been fascinated by this ‘flying racer.’ It is amazing to see what man is able to build, thanks to the intelligence and wisdom that God has given him.

T.D.C., France

I was able to fly on the Concorde. I especially enjoyed watching the sun “rise” in the west after we had left London in evening darkness and landing just three hours later in the bright sunshine of a New York afternoon!

R. M., United States

Abusive Boyfriend Thank you for the article “Young People Ask . . . How Can I Stop My Boyfriend From Mistreating Me?” (June 22, 2004) I was once in a relationship that was both physically and emotionally dangerous. I was in fear of my boyfriend, which served to prolong the abusive relationship. Fortunately, I was able to end the relationship with the help of my parents, Christian elders, and Jehovah God. This article will benefit those in desperate need of help.

J. A., United States

I hope this article will keep someone from getting married to a man who mistreats her. Verbal, emotional, and physical abuse should be rejected from the start! I learned that lesson the hard way.

T. G., Canada

Reformed Boss For five years I worked for a mild, compassionate man. Then the company was sold, and a new boss was put in charge. I became his verbal punching bag. Humiliation, insults, and lies were my daily lot. I was very depressed and stressed out. Then I received the May 8, 2004, issue with the series “Victimized at Work​—What Can You Do?” I left a copy on my desk where he could see it and read it if he wanted to. He did. Since then his behavior has changed remarkably. He no longer harasses me. He even says that I have made progress in my work. What a relief!

K.D.A., Côte d’Ivoire

Loneliness The cover series “Alone but Not Lonely” was phenomenal. (June 8, 2004) I especially enjoyed the suggestions listed in the box on page 7, “What You Can Do About Loneliness.” I have used many of these suggestions, and I know that they will be a great source of encouragement to others.

E. M., United States