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From Our Readers

From Our Readers

 From Our Readers

Disfigured Child I was deeply touched by the experience of Mailyn. (“A New Face for Mailyn,” May 22, 2004) Reading about how this 11-year-old child fights a terrible affliction and yet talks to others about her Bible-based hope encouraged me.

M. B., Italy

The positive outlook of Mailyn and her family was very encouraging to me. In today’s world the media places undue emphasis on personal appearance. This can be disheartening. I would like Mailyn to know that her true beauty is abundantly clear to me. I hope that I will get the chance to rejoice with her when Jehovah gives her a new face in his new world. Her faith has made me stronger.

M. S., United States

I am soon to undergo surgery to have a breast removed. When your appearance suffers because of an illness, it takes strength and courage not to break down. Mailyn’s courage and optimism strengthened me. To Mailyn I say: All the best to you. I think you are beautiful!

G. R., France

I was born with a physical deformity known as a harelip. I got many strange looks from other children at school. Some even spit on me. I believe that what helped me to muster up courage and self-confidence was the instruction my mother gave me from the Bible. Even now, at age 31, I still feel bad about my appearance. So I was very touched by Mailyn’s experience. I know that with Jehovah’s help we can overcome whatever further challenges we will face.

T. S., Japan

Mailyn proved to me that it’s not physical form that brings happiness and contentment. This comes only when we are serving and loving our God. Mailyn’s example has been an inspiration to me.

A. T., Philippines

Abusive Courtship I was grateful for the article “Young People Ask . . . Why Does He Treat Me So Badly?” (May 22, 2004) I was in an abusive relationship. When things went bad, my boyfriend always said that it was my fault. I grew up in a family where there was violence and abusive speech, so his behavior seemed normal to me. I am happy now to be out of that relationship; he has shown himself unfit to be a marriage mate.

Name withheld, Belize

The article put my feelings into words. Before and during my marriage, I went through the kinds of situations you described. The psychological violence I experienced shattered my sense of self-respect. I hope the article moves many to examine their relationships while courting. How wise it is to get to know each other before marriage, so as to avoid such problems.

M. M., Germany

Traveling Seeds Thank you for publishing the article “A Seed That Sails the Seas.” (May 22, 2004) A few years ago, I picked up one of those seeds on a beach near my house, but I didn’t realize that it was a seed. On reading the article, I was awestruck by the knowledge that I had picked up a seed that may have traveled from Central or Western Africa! Thank you very much for preparing such interesting articles.

M. K., Japan