From Our Readers

Moses I just read the series “Moses​—Man or Myth?” (April 8, 2004) I have to confess that I didn’t expect to see so much information in answer to the assertions of scholars that Moses was fictitious! I am sure that for sincere people, just reading one part of this series will be enough to strengthen their faith in Jehovah.

Y. M., Russia

Time Thank you so much for the article “Be on Time!” (April 8, 2004) Serving the congregation, being a family head, and working secularly place a lot of demands on my time. I have taken advantage of previous suggestions in the magazines, but it is good to see an article like this again. I especially liked the statement “Our Creator intended for us to be time conscious.” That really puts things in perspective. Please continue writing practical articles like this one.

J. S., United States

I often leave things until the last minute, and although I am not tardy, I do oversleep. I’ve had many dangerous experiences because of rushing. This article encouraged me to try to leave a bit more leeway with my time.

Y. W., Japan

I am 18 years old. Since I am a full-time evangelizer and also attend school, I am always busy. I need time for preaching and also for homework and personal study. The article helped me to manage my time better, so as to be punctual at Christian meetings and other activities, as well as at school. I don’t want to be late anymore. Many thanks!

J. H., United States

I always used to be late for meetings. I prayed about it, and I am happy that Jehovah answered my prayer. I tried the suggestions in the article, and things worked out very well. Now I am on time. I realize that it is love that makes one punctual.

J. A., Nigeria

Bad Habits I just had to write and express my appreciation for the article “The Bible’s Viewpoint: Is It Possible to Overcome Bad Habits?” (April 8, 2004) I have been battling a weight problem for some time. I would lose weight, but then I would gain it back. Although the article did not deal with that specific problem, the information applied. It helped me to examine my bad habits and see how they have contributed to my weight gain. Thank you so much for reminding us of Jehovah’s awareness of and concern for the personal matters we contend with.

M. S., United States

Coastal Dunes Many thanks for the article “Poland’s Amazing Coastal Dunes.” (March 22, 2004) As I have often visited and admired Słowiński National Park, the article moved me deeply. Jehovah deserves the praise for preparing such amazing wonders of nature for us. I found the article to be especially heartwarming, since my mother was born only a few miles away from the park.

I. L., Germany

This article helped me to realize with what longing I look forward to the conditions in God’s new world. In my mind’s eye, I can go to Słowiński National Park and find, as the article called it, “nature’s therapy for jangled nerves.” Under the rule of God’s Kingdom, the whole planet will have such a soothing effect on us! Thank you so much for this well-written information!

J. G., Poland