From Our Readers

Pets Many thanks for the series “Pets​—How Do You View Them?” (February 22, 2004) I particularly appreciated the way the articles were written, showing love and consideration toward animals. I will give a copy of the magazine to my veterinarian. Articles like these may move animal lovers to draw closer to Jehovah.

O. M., Italy

I have recently started to live alone, and so I am raising two kittens. I get much joy from them, but I also see the importance of not attributing human characteristics to them. This article has helped me to understand the necessity of having balance when it comes to pets.

K. O., Japan

I can’t thank you enough. Three weeks ago I put my 13-year-old pet dog to sleep. It was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make. That morning I reread the series on pets. It was compassionate, understanding, and helpful.

S. G., United States

I am working for a man who is known for his contributions to the modern pet food industry. I left the series about pets out on my typing stand. When I went out for lunch, he saw the magazine, read it, and liked it so much that he wants to receive Awake! regularly.

L. W., United States

The articles were excellent and helped me to put my feelings for my pets into perspective. I might mention that when a person brings a cat or a dog into his home, he should consider having it spayed or neutered. One reason so many dogs and cats are destroyed each year is that there are not enough adoptive homes to place them in.

C. B., United States

“Awake!” responds: Thank you for bringing this point to the attention of our readers.

Your article stated that in God’s new world, “all animals, both domestic and wild, will be at peace with one another.” Is it reasonable to believe that predatory animals will no longer exist?

D. B., Canada

“Awake!” responds: Since man’s fall into sin, many things on our planet have been out of balance. It remains to be seen exactly how the Bible’s prophecies mentioning harmony among animals in Paradise will be fulfilled. But we have the utmost confidence that our Creator will remove from our planet all that is harmful.​—Psalm 37:10, 11.

Walking Thank you for the article “Why Take a Walk?” (February 22, 2004) It is good to know that one reduces the risk of suffering from heart disease and stroke simply by walking! The article made me realize that I have had a sedentary life-style for too long. I will follow the advice to take walks regularly.

L. B., Sweden

Telephone Sex I would like to express my gratitude for the article “Young People Ask . . . What’s So Wrong With Telephone Sex?” (February 22, 2004) I have had the bitter experience of having to deal with this grave problem. The consequences were spiritually harmful, leading to more serious sins and the loss of privileges in the Christian congregation. May Jehovah’s wisdom be with you as you provide articles that help us stay spiritually strong.

J. H., Spain