From Our Readers

Sleep Debt Thank you for the series “Sleep Debt​—Are You a Victim?” (February 8, 2004) As always, Awake! readers received a wealth of educational information and comfort. I have suffered with sleep apnea for some two and a half years. At the beginning, I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what. After my diagnosis, I learned just how serious sleep deprivation can be! This magazine will enable me to explain my situation to my friends.

W. M., United States

I work with computers and because of my schedule, my sleep habits have been irregular. Some time ago, in order to meet a deadline, I went several nights almost without sleep. Soon thereafter, I was making an announcement at a meeting at my local Kingdom Hall when I suffered a slight attack of disorientation. I said the exact opposite of what I was supposed to say! Reading this magazine and seeing what injury can result from lack of sleep has really scared me. Clearly the time has come for me to rethink my sleeping habits.

T. I., Japan

I suffer from restless legs syndrome, mentioned in the series. Although I have taken some positive steps to deal with my ailment, my trust is in the Bible’s promise found at Isaiah 33:24 that very soon “no resident will say: ‘I am sick.’”

L.O.G., Spain

Your article had some misinformation regarding restless legs syndrome. I suffer from a severe form of it, and the stated causes that you gave were wrong. This is a neuromuscular disease.

Y. J., United States

“Awake!” responds: Our article did not give an in-depth discussion of the medical causes of this disorder. Rather, it mentioned some things that researchers believe may be associated with it. At any rate, as our footnote indicated, a more extensive discussion of restless legs syndrome appeared in the November 22, 2000, issue. That article stated: “Though experts recognize RLS to be a neurological disorder, its cause is difficult to pinpoint.”

Mexican Clothing I read with much interest the article “We Appreciate the Clothes We Wear.” (February 8, 2004) It pleased me very much that you made mention of the Chontal of Oaxaca, even though they are small in number when compared with other ethnic groups. My grandfather and great-grandfather were Chontal, and I feel that the information was presented with much dignity.

A. L., Mexico

Articles like this help us to become better acquainted with other cultures and races. Please continue to publish such fine information, as reading it is a way for us to visit people and places when we do not have the means to do so personally.

M.L.E., Mexico

Feral Cats I am 13 years old, and I really love reading Awake! I liked the article “When Cats Go Wild.” (February 8, 2004) I love all animals but especially cats. I can’t wait for the next issue!

Z. B., Russia

Rain Thank you very much for the article “It’s Raining Again!” (February 8, 2004) For years I have wondered how millions of tons of water can be held in the atmosphere. Thanks to Awake! I have finally received an answer to my question.

G. D., France