From Our Readers

God’s Name The series “Do You Know God by Name?” (January 22, 2004) is one of the most beautiful, in-depth discussions of God’s name that I have seen since I became a Christian in 1973. The striking cover, layout, and design, as well as the overwhelmingly logical presentation, make this series a masterpiece. Well done!

D. L., United States

I recently began serving as a full-time evangelizer, and I feel much closer to Jehovah than before. For that reason, the series on God’s name was very interesting to me. The box entitled “God Knows You by Name” showed that although there are many people on earth, God cares for each one of us. This made me want to study more about Jehovah and to do what is pleasing to him.

M. J., Japan

I thought it was an informative, comprehensive, and well-researched series that was presented in a very interesting and appealing way. Also, I very much liked seeing 39 forms of Jehovah’s name spread across the top of the pages. This presentation brings credit and honor to Jehovah’s name and should appeal to righthearted people.

G.D.M., United States

Scientist’s Faith I was deeply impressed by the article “Why I Believe the Bible​—A Nuclear Scientist Tells His Story.” (January 22, 2004) Six years ago, I too became convinced of the Bible’s truths by means of sound, proved facts. Today I have also come to be emotionally attached to what I have learned. Experiences like that of Alton Williams strengthen my faith. I am grateful to Jehovah that he provides each individual with evidence that suits his or her particular needs.

E. L., Hungary

African Flowers I am writing to express my gratitude for the article “Namaqualand’s Annual Miracle.” (January 22, 2004) It is incredible to see the great variety of flowers that Jehovah has made for our enjoyment. When reading the article, I remembered the words of the psalmist David: “Your works are wonderful, as my soul is very well aware.”​—Psalm 139:14.

A. J., Mexico

Homework I am a first-year student in middle school, and I have always had trouble managing my time. Reading the article “Young People Ask . . . How Can I Find Time to Do My Homework?” helped me. (January 22, 2004) I didn’t watch television that much. But when I did, I watched one program after another. Now I don’t watch it at all.

R. O., Japan

I am taking a home study course, and you really have to be disciplined to study every day. Thanks to the suggestions in the article, I will make time to do my homework.

X. R., United States

Overwhelming! That’s exactly what I would say my homework has become. Sometimes my parents think I’m lazy when it takes me a lot of time to do my homework. But sometimes it is very hard or I have a lot of it. Thank you for showing us how we can find the time to do our homework and use our time effectively.

J. S., United States

I found the article to be very helpful. The suggestions under the heading “Using Your Time More Efficiently” helped me to improve my study habits.

B. L., Italy