From Our Readers

Taxes I have been doing research for the past few weeks on the subject of taxes. Questions arose such as, When did taxation first come about? I was in the midst of this research when my wife received a copy of the December 8, 2003, issue of Awake! featuring the series, “Are Your Taxes Too High?” To my surprise, it discussed some of the very issues I was researching.

S. Y., Tajikistan

Blood Transfusions I am a physician and full-time evangelizer. And I am very grateful that you published the story of Yasushi Aizawa, “I Accepted God’s View of Blood.” (December 8, 2003) His experience was very similar to mine in that I also had to learn to put medicine in second place in my life. Perhaps I will meet Brother Aizawa in God’s new world, where we will both be unemployed as doctors. There will be no need for doctors then!

A. S., Ecuador

In October of 2002, our youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer. The treatment was difficult, involving two operations, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. During that time, we made every effort to adhere to the Bible’s command to abstain from blood. This was not easy, for in Lithuania blood is administered to almost all children receiving chemotherapy. The article “I Accepted God’s View of Blood” strengthened us to uphold Jehovah’s view. And now our daughter’s cancer is in remission.

M. and S. D., Lithuania

Sibling Rivalry I want to convey my deep thanks for the article “Young People Ask . . . How Can I Come Out From Under My Sibling’s Shadow?” (November 22, 2003) I am 16 years old, and it seems to me that my older sister always gets the attention. Of course, I know in my head that Jehovah notices me, but somehow I still feel lonely. This article dealt with my feelings. And because it was so gently worded, tears came to my eyes as I read it. Thank you for the practical advice. It softened my heart.

M. O., Japan

On occasion I have felt the way all the young ones quoted in the article did. As long as I can remember, my older sister has always been viewed as a good example. So I know how it is to feel that you are always measured against another family member. What you said about finding something that you can do well yourself was like “apples of gold in silver carvings”​—words that came at the right time.​—Proverbs 25:11.

S. T., United States

I have an older sister and a younger brother. They are both better at most things than I am. So I took your advice, and I’m now learning Spanish and going out in the ministry more often. I’m having fun learning​—and people are noticing me too.

H. B., United States

Fate of the Universe? In the article “Science Was My Religion” (September 22, 2003), Kenneth Tanaka seems unaware of the belief among scientists that the universe will continue expanding forever.

R. G., United States

“Awake!” responds: Cosmologists are not unanimous in their views. Some, for example, continue to suggest that the process of expansion will eventually slow, stop, and reverse until the universe collapses on itself. Kenneth Tanaka’s statement drew attention to both hypotheses without endorsing either. The purpose of his statement was to highlight his search for meaning in the face of the inability of science to provide all the answers.