“When Are You Going to Read All of These?”

In July 2001 a man in Khabarovsk in the Russian Far East found a stack of 34 issues of Awake! in a city library. He checked them out, and when the due date came in August, he didn’t want to part with them. So he renewed them till September. He liked the magazines so much that he checked them out again in November, together with six new issues.

Before this, the man had always avoided religious publications. Why did he start reading Awake!? “Because most of the material in this magazine discusses social problems that are interesting and that touch everyone,” he wrote.

“Often, there are well-designed ‘trips’ to modern cities and countries, together with information about people’s traditions,” the man continued. He was also drawn to articles about people who have been successful in life, kept their spiritual values, and helped others to endure misfortune and catastrophy. His assessment of the magazine? “It can surely be said that Awake! is Time, Popular Science, and National Geographic combined!”

The man requested back issues of Awake! in Russian all the way through 1995. In addition to Awake! he requested various books and brochures published by Jehovah’s Witnesses. “You may ask,” he wrote, “‘When are you going to read all of these?’” He answered his own question by saying that he has time for reading worthwhile material, since he does not spend a lot of time watching television and surfing the Internet.

Awake! provides rich information about current events and gives insight into the solution to today’s problems. Why not ask Jehovah’s Witnesses to bring you the current issues of Awake! each month?

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