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From Our Readers

From Our Readers

 From Our Readers

Oil I just wanted to express my gratitude for the November 8, 2003, series, “Oil​—Will It Ever Run Out?” I had never seen the frightening statistics you cited regarding oil spills. With man doing things like this, it’s no wonder the earth is in such poor shape! It makes me look forward to the future when Jehovah will clean things up once and for all and make the earth a paradise!

T. T., United States

The articles were presented in a very attractive and unbiased way. Although I have a physics doctorate in process engineering, I had never heard about the abiogenic theory of the origin of petroleum. Usually only the biogenic theory, that oil is the product of the decay of biological materials, is taught.

E. B., France

I attend a technical college and have had a hard time finding textbooks that use charts to explain machine mechanisms. That is why I was impressed with the chart showing how oil is produced. It helped make the article easy to understand.

M. I., Japan

Your series should have been researched more thoroughly. You neglected to mention that the first commercial oil well in North America was dug by James Miller Williams in Ontario, Canada​—a year prior to Edwin Drake’s well in Titusville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

G. Y., Canada

“Awake!” responds: There is considerable debate on this matter. One petroleum geologist who has written on the history of oil told “Awake!” that the location of the first well is “shrouded in mystery.” “The Canadian Encyclopedia” thus sums it up this way: “Claims that Williams drilled the first oil well in N[orth] America are shared with E. L. Drake of Pennsylvania.”

Geography As a family, we are fond of articles that deal with geography. Thus, we were fascinated by the article “The Mighty Amazon​—A Lifeline for Millions.” (November 8, 2003) Although we studied about the Amazon in school, we didn’t realize that “in just 30 seconds, it could quench humanity’s thirst for a day”! We are happy that such articles allow us to “visit” remote lands.

V. G., Slovakia

Thank you for the lovely article “Prague​—Come Visit Our Historic Jewel.” (November 8, 2003) It was such a pleasure to read about this historic city​—it was as if I were literally there! Thank you also for the wonderful pictures.

L. Z., Russia

At school we were assigned to describe a city in a way that made you want to go there. I based my paper on the article on Prague and got the best mark in the class. Thank you!

O. C., France

Unbelieving Relatives Thank you for the article “The Bible’s Viewpoint: When Loved Ones Do Not Share Your Faith.” (November 8, 2003) As the only Christian in a family of six children, I have struggled for years to find a balance in dealing with this situation. The scriptures in this article were like rays of sunshine!

R. G., United States

It has not been long since I began studying the Bible. But the little I know, I try to pass on to my loved ones, who are not believers. Since I am only 16 years old, my family has not permitted me to get baptized, but I hope to do so someday. This article will help me to deal with my family.

J. G., United States