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Have You Ever Seen a Stilt Palm?

Have You Ever Seen a Stilt Palm?

 Have You Ever Seen a Stilt Palm?


STILT PALMS are a common sight in some parts of the world. But why would a palm need stilts? Because the first root of a palm stops growing after it reaches a certain size, whereas the rest of the plant continues to grow. Therefore, the stem produces more roots, which reach for the ground and look like stilts.

Stilt palms are much more than simply interesting plants. They provide shelter to small animals that hide among the roots. Man also benefits from them. In some countries local inhabitants use the wood to build their houses, including the floor, and they use the leaves to thatch roofs, make brooms, and weave baskets. Some people who live far from tropical rain forests may have used an elegant walking stick or walked on a durable parquet floor made from the wood of stilt palms, which displays beautiful veins of dark color.

Like many palms, stilt palms are also a source of food. Most have an edible, tasty heart. Sadly, as the demand for this exotic specialty food has grown, some varieties of palm have been cut down solely for the soft, delicious heart, leaving the rest of the tree strewn on the ground.

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Stilt palms are a source of many useful products