From Our Readers

Farming I am writing out of appreciation for the series “Farming​—Why in Crisis?” (October 8, 2003) I live in an agricultural community. As a result of a poor economy and other factors, farmers are selling their land. It seems that new housing developments pop up every day, replacing farmlands. Sometimes I wonder if there will be any land left for cultivation. It is good to know that Jehovah will bring a permanent solution to the farming crisis.

V. A., United States

Mosaics Thank you for the article “Mosaics​—Paintings in Stone.” (October 8, 2003) In it was a photograph of a mosaic displayed at a nearby state park. I have lived near that park for more than a decade, and I had never seen the mosaics. So I went to see them and was very impressed. Now I have more appreciation for the art of mosaics.

E. D., United States

I have always wanted to know more about mosaics​—especially since we traveled to the convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia in 1993. In St. Petersburg and Moscow, we could admire many beautiful mosaics. Our thanks to the artists who have spent years of work on such pieces and to you for the informative article.

B. Z., Germany

Alternative Life-Styles Thank you for the article “The Bible’s Viewpoint: Alternative Life-Styles​—Does God Approve?” (October 8, 2003) I am 17 years old and was raised a Christian. However, I started experiencing homosexual desires when I was very young. I have a hard time understanding my desires, but it is good to know that Jehovah understands the struggle I have. To any others who are dealing with such feelings, I would say, Don’t give up!

J. M., United States

Throughout my life I have been tormented with distorted sexual feelings. Your article addressed my situation. Being exposed to pornography at a very young age and being sexually abused have had a devastating effect on me. Thank you for helping me to understand myself.

J.B.M., United States

When it comes to sexual preferences, it is wise to note the influence of such things as genes, hormones, upbringing, and many other factors. It is true that those who struggle with homosexual inclinations can find support in the Christian congregation.

D. L., Britain

“Awake!” responds: Our hearts go out to any who struggle with their sexual feelings. As our article acknowledged, the causes of such difficulties may be complex. But as long as one does not deliberately cultivate or act upon immoral impulses, one can remain clean in Jehovah’s eyes. Be assured that Jehovah God is delighted when individuals make such efforts to remain morally clean.​—Proverbs 27:11.

Windmills I enjoyed the article “Windmills​—Reminders of a Bygone Era.” (October 8, 2003) I learned that windmills were used not only for grinding grain into flour but also for a number of other purposes. I am a simple farm boy, and I’m unable to express my gratitude fully for all the information you provide.

S. A., Russia

Appreciates Awake! Thank you for the October 8, 2003, issue. This was the first time I had ever read the magazine all the way through. But I began to realize that I should take in all that Jehovah gives us. Anyway, I was surprised at how interesting it was! It is really a waste that I have had this wonderful magazine and neglected to read it completely till now!

R. K., Japan