From Our Readers

Fashion I’d like to express my appreciation for the series “Are You a Slave to Fashion?” (September 8, 2003) As a teenager, I have felt the world’s pressure to buy the latest fads and to maintain the “perfect” figure. But these articles have helped me to change my spending habits and to dress in a more modest manner.

M. B., United States

I am ten years old, and my teacher asked us to bring in some research on the subject of fashion. I brought in a copy of the article “The Dark Side of Glamour.” The teacher made copies for the whole class!

G., Belgium

As a 19-year-old girl, I find it hard not to be influenced by what’s defined as the “ideal” woman. I don’t have a model’s figure, and that often makes me feel ugly. I frequently want to go on diets​—even drastic ones. Shortly after I prayed for advice on how to cope with these feelings, I received this magazine and with it the answer to my prayer. Thank you very much.

S., Germany

The articles helped me to understand the vanity behind wanting to be in fashion. I am 14 years old, and in Italy it is not easy to go to school if you aren’t wearing designer clothes​—you are automatically a nobody! Your articles taught me that the important thing is to be spiritually rich in God’s eyes.

F. G., Italy

Orchids I enthusiastically read the article “Orchids in All Their Glory.” (September 8, 2003) It gave me some tips on growing orchids at home and taught me some of their names and origins. Awake! provided the very information I was searching for.

L.E.C., Bangladesh

Clean Teeth I just had to write you about the article “A Stick That Cleans Teeth.” (September 8, 2003) I had been wondering how people cleaned their teeth before toothpaste. So I was totally enthralled with the article!

D. G., United States

I had always looked down on the chewing of sticks. But I was wrong. It would seem that such chewing is beneficial, and I will now use one myself to protect my own teeth.

A. A., Chad

Holocaust Report The article “Her Report Made a Real Impression” spoke of Jews wearing the Star of David in concentration camps. (September 8, 2003) However, according to my own experience in Ravensbrück concentration camp, the Jews did not wear the Star of David but a yellow triangle.

J. R., South Africa

“Awake!” responds: Evidently, the Star of David was not worn by Jews in most camps. However, there is evidence that it was worn in some camps.

Bullying I am not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. However, the series “Bullying​—What Can You Do About It?” (August 22, 2003) was most timely. Attacks by peers at my daughter’s school have become very serious. As you suggested, I talked with her and was able to give her some support and help. Thank you for caring about people.

T. M., Ukraine