“Walking With God Brings Blessings Now and Forever”

IT IS often said that life is a journey. Do you ever feel, as many do, that you have lost your way? We live under terrible pressures in this world. As society around us grows ever more violent and immoral, we may feel buffeted by forces beyond our control. How can we keep our footing in such turbulent times? How can we keep our life’s journey on a good course?

The Bible contains a beautiful and comforting answer. It shows that we have a wonderful opportunity​—we can walk with God. Some might scoff at the very idea. After all, how can a mere human walk with the almighty Creator of the universe? The Bible shows that it is possible to do so. In fact, walking with God means living the best and happiest life possible in this troubled world. But what is involved? And what blessings does such a course bring?

These questions will be answered in the heartwarming talk, “Walking With God Brings Blessings Now and Forever.” This public address will be delivered at the district conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses beginning this month. Hundreds of such conventions will be held around the world. To find the location nearest you, contact Jehovah’s Witnesses in your area or write to the publishers of this magazine. The March 1, 2004, issue of our companion magazine, The Watchtower, lists convention locations in the United States, Canada, Britain, and Ireland.