From Our Readers

Weather I am writing to thank you for the series “What’s Happening to the Weather?” (August 8, 2003) When I read the statement, “For all the distress such catastrophic events cause, . . . they can have a beneficial effect,” I was taken aback. But when I read the next sentence, “They can move people to demonstrate love and concern for their neighbors,” I had to agree. Every day we face all kinds of distress​—and not just catastrophic events. I want to keep in mind that whatever happens, there can be a beneficial side too.

S. T., Japan

Disaster Relief I have read the article “Something No Storm Could Wash Away.” (August 8, 2003) The way that Jehovah’s Witnesses faced the emergencies caused by natural disasters made me appreciate even more being a part of this organization. Thanks for publishing articles like these, which help us to manifest qualities that no storm can wash away.

M. P., Italy

I have personally lived through a number of catastrophes, including floods and earthquakes. I was in the door-to-door preaching work when an earthquake struck in 1989. A young 14-year-old boy who was accompanying me started to run in panic! I took him by the hand and prayed for him to gain his composure. Within seconds, power lines were down all around us. People were panic-stricken! My own home had a huge gash in the concrete floor. But that very afternoon we went back in the door-to-door service, helping others to cope. How this article brought back memories!

B. S., United States

Thank you very much for publishing such encouraging articles as “Something No Storm Could Wash Away.” I cried as I read it. For a certainty, no storm can wash away the love we have for our fellow Christians and the unselfish love we have for our neighbors.

I. A., Japan

Drug Abuse Thank you very much for the series “Drug Abuse in the Family​—What Can You Do?” (April 8, 2003) I have been studying the Bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses for some time now, but I have been unable to make spiritual progress because of this problem. Upon reading the box “Help for Recovering Drug Abusers,” I realized that reading the Bible daily and applying its principles will help me in my efforts to recover. Also, knowing that God really cares about me has made a difference.

R.S.A., Brazil

Stressed Children I wish to express my deep appreciation for the series “Children​—Are They Growing Up Too Fast?” (April 22, 2003) It was just what I was looking for. As a single mother and full-time evangelizer, I have a very demanding schedule. I often wonder, ‘Am I a good mother? Am I being excessively demanding of my daughter?’ It is comforting to know where I can improve. I want to enjoy my daughter’s childhood now, and I want her to enjoy it too. Although I find all your articles upbuilding, articles like this are very encouraging to me.

M.D.E., Mexico

A Child Seeks God I am 11 years old. I read the article “I Want to Know More About Jehovah.” (April 22, 2003) I was encouraged to learn that a girl only a year older than I am was making an effort to study about Jehovah. Now I want to go out and give a witness to others.

Y. T., Japan