From Our Readers

Violent Crime The series “Violent Crime​—Is There a Solution?” (July 8, 2003) was extraordinarily well written. I appreciated the way the first article stated the facts without setting forth the solution. It simply ended with some good questions for contemplation, allowing the reader to grasp the severity of the problem. Then the Scriptural solutions were outlined. For lack of better terminology, the articles were riveting!

A. L., United States

The final article in this series, entitled “A Realistic Solution​—Is It Possible?,” helped me to see that a change of mind and heart is needed in order for people to love righteousness. All of us have to be taught by Jehovah God, as Isaiah 54:13 states. Even now, with Jehovah’s help we can start on the road to being the type of people that Jehovah wants us to be.

V. K., United States

Tour de France I thoroughly enjoyed the article “The Tour de France​—100 Years of Cycling’s Supreme Test.” (July 8, 2003) I used to race in amateur cycling tournaments. Even though I watch the Tour de France every year on television, I knew nothing of its beginnings or that 2003 marked its 100th year. The article mentioned acts of “gentlemanly sportsmanship.” I think this is what attracts so many people.

R. S., Japan

I am ten years old, and I really enjoyed the article on the Tour de France. Thank you for explaining so many things about the history of cycling. I hope that you will publish more articles about sports.

J. F., France

Sand I read with interest the article “The Splendor of Sand.” (May 8, 2003) The description of how sand is formed and of the life that exists in sand is truly fascinating. I am amazed at the variety of colors of sand. To think that without sand we would not have glass or cement​—such valuable commodities! Thank you for such wonderful information.

N. N., South Africa

Diabetes Thank you very much for the cover series “Living With Diabetes.” (May 8, 2003) For 12 years I have had Type 1 diabetes, and I have been treated by means of frequent insulin injections. My wife provides enormous support for me. We both keep learning about the disease, we visit the doctor together, and I am working on acquiring a more positive attitude. Because I serve as a traveling overseer, I have noted among fellow Christians a greater awareness of the need to be kind and patient toward an ill person in order to help him face life’s challenges. Such an attitude helps me to continue my ministry to the congregations. This series of articles came just in time. Once again, thank you very much.

W. B., Poland

I have been a diabetic for 28 years. Ten members of my family suffer from this illness. Your series contains the most comprehensive information that I have seen up until now. The articles reflect our Creator’s love​—something that secular articles on the subject lack. Since I did not want to be too dependent on my family, I tried not to let others see that I was ill. I derived pleasure from taking care of others. But this article helped me to see that I need to take care of myself so that I can take care of others better.

L. P., France