From Our Readers

Math I enjoyed reading the article “Math Is for Everyone.” (May 22, 2003) I have always been intrigued by numbers. As you stated, Jehovah is the Great Mathematician, and no doubt in the new world, all of us will learn more about the logic of numbers. Thank you very much for the practical information.

G. C., Britain

This article really helped me. At school, math is the subject I hate most. Even if I listen and take notes, I cannot understand it. But after reading this article, I feel that I can master it. I am grateful that you published this article. I am 13 years old.

Y. I., Japan

This article was just for me! I am 15 years old and not good at math. When I look at math problems, I say to myself, ‘This isn’t going to be of any use to me as an adult, so there’s no point in learning it.’ Because of this article, however, I see that math is useful in many ways. So I have now decided to try harder and not to give up. Please continue to print more articles like this!

M. N., Japan

Worms I enjoyed the humorous cartoons that illustrated the article “The Fascinating World of Worms.” (May 8, 2003) I particularly appreciate them as a memory aid. Thanks to these drawings, I can easily remember the contents of the article.

M. Z., Italy

I am 11 years old, and I’ve always wondered why worms are so slimy, but now I know why. And I always thought that there was just one kind of worm. I never imagined that there were over 1,800 species of earthworms! Keep writing informative articles like this.

T. C., United States

Injury Thank you for the article “How an Injury Changed My Life.” (April 22, 2003) Brother Ombeva expressed my feelings exactly. I suffer from fibromyalgia and other illnesses, and at times the pain is so intense that all I do is cry. I have had to put my full trust in Jehovah to give me the strength to endure. As Brother Ombeva said, meditating on scriptures that bring comfort is of great help. Also, my husband has been a rock in my times of distress. Thank you for such articles.

C. F., United States

My husband has a herniated disk as a result of an accident at work. Brother Ombeva’s struggle with negative feelings is all too familiar. We felt crushed by a situation over which we had no control. It tore my heart apart to see my husband in such excruciating pain and to know that there was next to nothing that I could do to alleviate it. Two years have passed, and he still endures episodes of pain but not like before. During the very difficult period, Jehovah bolstered us up, and he continues to express his loving concern through articles such as this one. Thank you so much!

A. S., United States

Young People Ask I am 16 years old and in my first year of high school. I am facing challenges and pressures that I have never faced before. I really feel the effects of peer pressure. The “Young People Ask” articles have helped me realize the importance of Bible reading and study. I truly appreciate the concern that you show for teenagers, which I often feel is directed to me personally!

S. R., United States