From Our Readers

Amazing Senses I am 15 years old and have been reading your magazines since I learned to read. Thank you for the series “Life’s Amazing Senses​—Do You Appreciate Them?” (March 8, 2003) The articles were fascinating. Thank you for the hard work and research you put into every issue of Awake! I can’t wait to read the next one!

H. S., United States

This series really opened my eyes to how complicated we are. I was amazed to find that the human fingertip can detect a dot just three microns high! Jehovah must really care about his creation to have put so much thought into such a small thing.

E. R., Australia

Spanish Martyr Heartfelt thanks for the article “A Man Who Chose to Obey God.” (March 8, 2003) I was moved upon reading how Antonio Gargallo, just 19 years old and recently baptized as a Christian, maintained his integrity when he suddenly had to make such a serious decision. It conveyed to me how much strength and inner peace Jehovah can give us if we are determined to do his will.

M. T., Italy

Thank you very much for this short but powerful experience. Tears ran down my cheeks as I read it. I was especially touched by the letter Antonio Gargallo wrote to his mother and sister before his execution. Please continue to write about Christians who have maintained their integrity to Jehovah in the face of death so that we can have our own faith strengthened.

R. O., Nigeria

Shoes Thank you for the article “Are Your Shoes Really Comfortable?” (March 8, 2003) I experienced years of foot problems and have had several minor toe operations. I finally discovered that one foot was slightly bigger than the other. Because I wore the wrong shoe size for years, I now have to wear orthopedic shoes.

R. G., United States

It was a very good article. However, you did not mention that the best time of the day to buy shoes is usually in the late afternoon, when the feet are more likely to be swollen.

A. W., Canada

“Awake!” responds: Thanks for your observation. Please see the “Watching the World” item “Health Problems Linked to Shoes,” which appeared in our issue of August 8, 1999.

Cheating I wish to express my appreciation for the article “Young People Ask . . . What’s Wrong With Cheating?” (January 22, 2003) I am a university student and have had the habit of cheating since I was in the fifth grade. I always questioned whether cheating was right, but I couldn’t find an answer. This article is thus a real treasure. I’m changing my ways starting with my next test, for which I am now studying.

S. Y., Ukraine

Child Prostitution Thank you for the series “Child Prostitution​—A Tragic Reality.” (February 8, 2003) What particularly touched my heart was the fact that in spite of the painfulness of the topic, victims were given hope. The case histories you cited reflected my own personal experience. It shows that even in this old system, the wounds of terrible trauma can be healed to a large extent​—with Jehovah’s help.

P. R., Germany