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From Our Readers

From Our Readers

 From Our Readers

Malnutrition I read the series “Malnutrition​—‘The Silent Emergency’” with much interest. (February 22, 2003) In Japan we don’t have much of a problem like this, so I was very surprised at what I read. I hope the good news of God’s Kingdom can be preached all the more to people suffering from this problem.

Y. T., Japan

Music Videos I sometimes receive your magazines from an acquaintance who is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I thought the article “Young People Ask . . . Should I Watch Music Videos?” (February 22, 2003) was very well done. It was quite specific and revealed the dangers concealed in modern music.

M. M., Japan

When I received the article, I read it all the way through immediately. A lot of my friends watch music videos, and they love to talk about them. The article has helped me not to give in to the temptation to watch them. I am 12 years old, and the article came just in time for me.

K. W., United States

I really enjoyed the article. I am a full-time evangelizer and know that it’s important for me to set a good example for other young ones. So when youths ask me why I haven’t seen a certain music video, now I can say that it’s because I don’t want to ruin my relationship with Jehovah. Please continue to print informative “Young People Ask . . .” articles.

R. B., United States

I’m nearly 21, and I enjoy watching music videos. You were right to note, however, that these videos have an influence on those who watch them. Often, young ones like a piece of music because of its tune or rhythm but do not worry about the words. This is especially so when the words are in a foreign language. The videos often reveal what spirit that music really conveys. Sometimes I am surprised to see the video for a song that I thought was appropriate! When I see a debasing video, I switch channels and do not listen to that song anymore.

T. G., France

Wildebeests I really liked the article “The Great Migration.” (February 22, 2003) I love animals, and when a new issue of Awake! arrives, the first thing I do is read any articles about them. I was amazed to read that when in danger, the female wildebeest can interrupt the birth process and complete it at a safer time and place! Please keep publishing these beautiful articles.

K. R., Italy

Unforgivable Sin I do not know how to express my gratitude to Jehovah and to you for the article “The Bible’s Viewpoint: Is There an Unforgivable Sin?” (February 8, 2003) I have been looking for such information for some time. I had been trying to understand Hebrews 10:26, and I thought it applied only to the 144,000, who are going to heaven. Thanks for clearing this up.

R. A. P., Ghana

Syria I really appreciated the originality of the article “Syria​—Echoes of an Interesting Past.” (February 8, 2003) Being very keen on history and geography, I found it interesting to be able to link Bible verses with a precise spot on the map. I hope that you will publish other articles of this sort.

M. P., France

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