From Our Readers

Privacy The cover title “Is Your Privacy in Danger?” (January 22, 2003) caught my attention because I am the author of a best-selling book on the subject. Your writer did an excellent job. Here is an additional suggestion: When asked for identification, you might want to use a passport, which does not list your home address or social security number.

J. L., Spain

Jewels Thank you for the article “Jewels From the Seashore.” (January 22, 2003) We felt the same thrill as the writer when we collected shells of snails and mussels. Collecting shells along seashores is among our fondest memories. Every time we look at our collection, we admire the Creator’s unsurpassed artistic genius.

W. and M. P., Germany

Ever since I was about 12 years old, I have been fascinated by shells. After 20 years of collecting them, I felt satisfied with what I had gathered. But upon reading this article and learning that there are some 50,000 species of mollusks, I realize that I have accumulated very little, and I marvel even more at Jehovah’s creation.

M. S., Paraguay

Reed Boats I was fascinated by the article “Sailing the Deep Blue Sea​—On Reeds!” (January 22, 2003) In my personal Bible reading, I came across Job 9:26. Referring to the short life span of humans, it states: “They have moved on like reed boats.” A friend and I wondered why Job would have compared a brief life span to a reed boat. Then my friend suggested that Job may have been making the same point mentioned in your article​—that “reeds gradually become waterlogged” and hence unusable.

N. D., United States

“Awake!” responds: According to one reference work, Job’s words refer to the swift speed with which such light vessels were able to travel. If this is so, the same point would be made​—that man’s life span is short.

Flamingos When we opened this issue of Awake!, my husband and I noticed the article “Flame-Feathered Dancers.” (January 22, 2003) My husband remarked: “This is for you.” He well knows my admiration of Jehovah’s creation and especially of the elegant pink flamingo. I yearn to observe these beautiful creatures with my own eyes. Thank you for the article. It enriched me in many ways.

M. N., Czech Republic

Cheating I am 11 years old. I enjoyed the article “Young People Ask . . . What’s Wrong With Cheating?” (January 22, 2003) Even though I do not always bring home good grades, I know that the scores I get are the ones I have honestly earned. Actually, some of my classmates who cheat get worse grades than I do! At any rate, my conscience is clean, and that’s what matters most.

Z. T., Austria

I have fallen into the trap of cheating, probably because I did not consider it so serious. This article will help me to remember scriptures like Hebrews 13:18, which, in turn, will help me whenever I am tempted to cheat in the future.

N. I., Italy

I am in the tenth grade. Sometimes I have tried to cheat during my exams, never realizing that this is tantamount to stealing! But thanks to this article, I will now endeavor to keep my conscience clean.

K. G., Estonia