From Our Readers

Awake! Praised You are doing a very good work in publishing Awake! You give people hope. My first two copies of Awake! were given to me by a neighbor when my husband died. I was feeling bad, not wanting to see anyone. But after reading your magazines, I calmed down and realized that this was not the end of my life. Later on, my daughter brought me two more issues, which a nurse had given her while she was in the hospital. Then I was given a few copies on the street by some local Witnesses. I have only a few copies of Awake! but I read and reread them when I am feeling down. They teach people what is good and help them to understand the reasons for our behavior.

I.Y.A., Russia

Weaknesses Thank you for writing the article “The Bible’s Viewpoint: Will God Overlook Our Weaknesses?” (November 8, 2002) Without a doubt, it is the best help I have received. It was a great help to understand how God sees our weaknesses.

E. C., United States

I have been praying to Jehovah about a personal problem and hoping for an answer. And then you published this article. When I finished reading it, I offered a prayer of thanks.

M. S., Japan

Keyboards I had to write a note of gratitude for the article about piano keyboards called “Can You Tell the Difference?” (November 8, 2002) I’ve always loved music​—especially piano. And I would like to learn some of the songs we sing at the Kingdom Hall. So I’m going to give it a try and start practicing on the synthesizer I’ve had in the corner for several years.

V. T., United States

Being a clarinetist and a music lover, I wanted to explore the keyboard world of music. Six years ago, I started studying the piano, which would not have been financially possible without the use of a digital piano. It simulates the sounds of both a piano and a harpsichord.

S. T., Scotland

I’ve been studying music at school. I had learned a little about keyboard instruments, but I couldn’t understand how they were made or what their characteristics were. This article, with its easy-to-understand explanations and interesting pictures, helped me to deepen my understanding of the subject. Thank you very much.

A. M., Japan

Crazy Horse Thank you for the article “Crazy Horse​—Transforming a Mountain Into a Monument.” (November 8, 2002) It came just in time for me to prepare a report for school about the Sioux and Cheyenne and how they lived. My teacher praised my work! Thank you.

F. V., United States

Reunion I just finished reading the article “A Unique Reunion After 30 Years.” (October 22, 2002) I am all choked up with appreciation, gladness, and sadness. I’m happy for Mark Ruge and Dennis Sheets, who found their way to Jehovah. I’m sad, however, that some of my five children have not, although they were raised as Christians. How much pain they could avoid if they could just find their way to God! My constant prayer is that they eventually will. Thank you for the article. It filled a real need.

M. O., United States