From Our Readers

Terrorism I am 15 years old, and I thank you for the series in the October 22, 2002, issue, “Prayers for Peace​—Can They Stop Terrorism?” Ever since the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center, I’ve been in shock. It seems like a bad dream. I look forward to the day when Jesus, the Prince of Peace, will protect us all. That’s something we can draw comfort from.

A. M., United States

Zeppelins The article “Zeppelins​—Sensational Giants of the Sky,” in the October 22, 2002, issue, really got my attention because it took me back to my childhood. My school days were spent on the east coast of England. One day when I was ten years old, I looked out the window and saw one of these great airships passing slowly overhead. The whole class ran out into the school yard to see this awesome sight. It was something I have never forgotten, and your article recalled the event.

R. W., England

My father was a pilot for one of the largest nonrigid airships ever built. I have flown in a blimp twice myself and have always been interested in the history of dirigibles. I was glad to see that you properly defined the words “blimp,” “zeppelin,” and “dirigible,” because these terms are often misused.

R. P., United States

Penguins My husband did not allow my sons to study the Bible. As a result, the boys are not interested in it. But thanks to your instructive articles, I can still have a share in educating them spiritually. I select articles that do not specifically mention the Bible or God but that might be of interest to my sons. For example, I photocopied the article “Here Come Little Penguins on Parade” (October 22, 2002) and put it in a little folder I have made for them called The Wonders of Nature. I pray that Jehovah will reward my efforts to win over my loved ones.

J. G., France

Mobile Phones The article “Young People Ask . . . Do I Need a Mobile Phone?” (October 22, 2002) helped me a lot. Before reading it, I couldn’t sleep if I didn’t answer my text messages. But now you have helped me to see the advantages and disadvantages of this device.

C. A., Philippines

Most of the kids in my school have mobile phones, so I was thinking that I should get one myself. Now that I’ve read the article, I will fully count the cost and consider if I would really use it wisely. I feel that Jehovah provided this article for me.

M. F., Japan

I used my phone to exchange E-mail with a boy. We talked about personal problems, and I was happy to have someone to confide in. In time, he stopped E-mailing me, and I was irritated. But the article helped me to see that exchanging E-mail can be a form of dating. And I guess the boy figured that out himself. Now I only give my E-mail address to people who need to know it.

Y. M., Japan

Teen Depression I am 17 years old and really love your magazines. Once when I was in the hospital, I saw a pile of Awake! magazines on a stand in the corridor. I learned that Almighty God has a name​—Jehovah. I particularly enjoyed the articles concerning “Help for Depressed Teens.” (September 8, 2001) They were good reading and helped me to cope, as I was suffering from depression at the time. Thank you for those wonderful and informative magazines. I am thankful that people like you exist.

G. Z., Russia