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From Our Readers

From Our Readers

 From Our Readers

Garbage Thank you so much for the timely cover series “Garbage​—Will It Bury Us?” (August 22, 2002) When you live in a highly industrialized country, it’s easy to get caught up in “a throwaway mentality.” Your article made me stop and think about the dangers of this. I’m going to think twice about my reason for getting rid of things from now on!

J. B., United States

I really enjoyed the articles on the garbage problem. For a long time, I lived in a large apartment complex with several dumpsters on the property. One time I was walking outside and noticed that on top of the full dumpster, there was a shiny new coffeemaker. Previous to that, two teenage boys said that they had found a gold watch there. I was shocked at what we could find in those dumpsters. Now they have a sign stating, “No rummaging in dumpsters.”

B. Q., United States

Cosmetic Surgery Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the article “Young People Ask . . . Should I Have Cosmetic Surgery?” (August 22, 2002) I am 14 years old, and at school some students make fun of a certain feature of my face. I was convinced that I had to change it. This article helped me to analyze my real motives and to understand how wrong I was. What counts to Jehovah is our inner beauty.

C. T., France

A couple of months ago, when I was talking to a coworker, the subject of cosmetic surgery came up. She felt that it was not appropriate because it showed disrespect for the Creator. At the time, I was unable to find anything specific in our publications. Nevertheless, I told her what Bible principles would apply, which later I found in this article. When I showed the article to her, she was excited about it.

M. R., United States

Color My decision to paint my home was easier after I read the article “Add a Splash of Color.” (August 22, 2002) Not only do I thank you for the article but my budget thanks you as well!

R. M., United States

Attractiveness I am 21, and I wrestle with the feeling that I am not attractive. My experience is best described by Tyler in the article “Young People Ask . . . How Can I Make Myself More Attractive?” (July 22, 2002) The practical, Bible-based counsel in this article is just what I needed. Thank you for this and other publications that continue to offer help to youths who are facing so many challenges in this hideous world. All that remains on my part is to put the advice into action.

P. L., Zambia

Prayer Heartfelt thanks for the article “The Bible’s Viewpoint: Prayers That Are Heard By God.” (September 8, 2002) The day I read it, I was at rock bottom. It really strengthened me to read the words of Isaiah 41:10. How happy I am that Jehovah fortifies not only me but others too and that he hears all our prayers, even our thoughts! I have been living in a religiously divided household for 20 years. It is not easy because I have also been suffering from a chronic illness for over 30 years. Thank you so much for these wonderful magazines. They keep firing me with the strength to go on.

D. G., Germany