From Our Readers

Postpartum Depression Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the article “I Won My Battle With Postpartum Depression.” (July 22, 2002) I gave birth a year and three months ago. Suddenly, I became a different person. Sometimes I hurt loved ones, as I was not able to explain what was happening to me. Now the situation is beginning to improve. The article helped me.

A. P., Romania

After reading the article, my Bible student confided that she has that illness. Now she goes to the hospital each week and, with medication, is able to carry out her responsibilities cheerfully.

A. M., Japan

This article is an answer to my prayers. You dear brothers have your finger on the pulse of the needs of your sisters. Receiving this article was like receiving a giant hug from Jehovah and his organization.

C. W., United States

I am recovering from postpartum depression, and this article strengthened and encouraged me. You included details that only someone who has experienced this problem can fully understand. I plan to keep this issue of Awake! in a safe place and to consult its helpful suggestions whenever I need a lift.

E.V.F., Brazil

I have never read an article that reached down to the core of my heart as this one did. My marriage broke up as a result of my postpartum depression. My daughter is now five years old, and I love her very much. It took me about three years to overcome the situation.

A. O., Puerto Rico

I had been struggling with postpartum depression for three months. When I was told that the latest Awake! had an article on the subject, I cried so hard that I couldn’t speak. It was the best article on postpartum depression I have ever read. I am grateful to Jehovah and his organization for taking such good care of us!

A. L., Canada

Young People Ask My heartfelt thanks for the article “Young People Ask . . . How Can I Make Myself More Attractive?” (July 22, 2002) I am 22 years old, and that article encouraged me to polish up my inner qualities. My first goal is to put on the quality of mildness. More than anything, I want to become beautiful in Jehovah’s eyes. Please continue to provide such fine articles.

A. H., Japan

This article touched my heart. I am 18 years old, and sometimes I forget how important it is to work on my spiritual qualities. From now on, with Jehovah’s help, I am determined to cultivate the fruitage of the spirit.​—Galatians 5:22, 23.

M.R.A., Brazil

During the past two years, I often wondered if people found me attractive, and I sometimes felt that my looks weren’t good enough. After reading this article, I felt so much appreciation for knowing that by being a servant of God, I can make myself attractive to him and that this is what matters most.

I. P., United States